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Is Your Insurance Company Charging You Too Much For Car Insurance?

If you chose your car insurance policy the way most people do, there’s a good chance that you are overpaying for it. The fact is that the majority of drivers select an auto insurance policy after only checking out one or two different companies. Since each insurance company uses their own formulas for assessing driver and vehicle risk, each quote that you will get from them will be different insurance quotes for the exact same amount of coverage. But since drivers don’t do the sufficient amount of research, they end up choosing a more expensive policy even though a cheaper one exists.

The First Part Of Finding A Less Expensive Car Insurance Policy Is Getting More Insurance Quotes

If you signed up with the very first insurance quote that you got, how could you possibly know if you are getting the best deal? Would you do that with a car or home purchase, or would you take the time to shop around and make comparisons? Yet for some reason too many drivers fail to do this with auto insurance. The more insurance quotes that you get, the more confident that you can feel in knowing that you are getting the cheapest auto insurance rates possible. With one quote, you may or may not have the most affordable insurance policy. However, by getting 10 quotes, you now have the ability to compare them against each other and select the one that makes the most financial sense.

The Second Part Of Finding A Less Expensive Car Insurance Policy Is Getting Multiple Premium Discounts

Auto insurance companies love working with safer drivers. Drivers that get into fewer accidents and those who own safer vehicles that don’t get stolen as much increase the likelihood of the insurance company being profitable. To entice these drivers into staying with them as long as possible, insurance companies will generously give premium discounts when these drivers can prove that they are less risky on the road. Most people can generally qualify for at least one discount, if not multiple discounts.

Some common discounts include:

– safe driver discount for those individuals who have not been involved in a traffic accident in the past 5+ years.

– defensive driving course discount for those individuals who can document that they have taken and passed an approved course

– anti-theft device discount for those vehicles that have an alarm system or some type of recovery device

– a good student discount for those drivers who are still in school and are able to maintain at least a B average

There’s a very good possibility that you are currently paying too much for your car insurance. Ensuring that you are getting the best deal involves a two part process. In order to know for sure if you are getting a great insurance rate, you need to increase the amount of insurance quotes that you are getting. The second part of the process involves finding and qualifying for as many discounts and reductions in premium prices as you can.


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