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Is It Worth $99 To Be The Coolest Kid In The Room For 4 Months?

For those not aware, I am always informed of the newest technology and while I’m not always the first to get the newest gadget, I’m just about the first to know about it. I ditched my iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 soon after it came out and I’ve actually made money selling old iPhones in the past. Well, there’s no new iPhone that I want this time, but the opportunity I have to be ahead of the curve is probably even more unique.

iOS 7 Was Revealed

On Monday, Apple demonstrated iOS 7, the newest operating system for iPhone, which will likely be released sometime in October, as it was last year (October 21st if my memory serves me correctly). iOS 7 looks pretty sweet and waiting for the next 4 months until it’s released it going to feel like a million years. Who wants the current operating system when the next great thing is around the corner? Not I. In this case, “current” is the new “old.”

There are a lot of great features and I won’t bore (or excite) you will all the details. Basically, there are a lot of features that will make the phone easier to use and there are a bunch of bothersome settings that are getting fixed with the update. I currently jailbreak my phone to get access to similar features, but having a more stable environment that are actually supported my Apple would be a big upgrade.

Developers Can Get Access To iOS 7 Now

There is one way to get the newest software without waiting. Developers can upgrade their device and test out the beta version. It’s not quite as polished as what the software will look like by the time it’s released, but it’s not too far off. The beta helps find issues and gives Apple time to correct them before releasing the software to the public.

Now, I’m considering becoming a developer and installing the software on my phone, because wherever I would go, I would be the kid with the coolest phone. When a new iPhone comes out, a lot of people get it on the first day, and within a few weeks everyone has caught up. But with new software that won’t be released to the public for 4 months, I’d have a huge head start. And I’d be able to impress my friends and make fun of them for being so behind with their only “current” technology. So not cool.

Is It Worth It?

The price tag itself doesn’t excite me, but having the operating system in advance sure does. I’ll have to sleep on it for a few days to determine whether this is something I really want or can live without for a few months. I could wait a month now and then buy the developer’s license, but that would also mean I’d get next year’s iOS included in the $99 price tag.

Should I do pull the trigger and spend the money on iOS 7? Will I get all the value out of it that I think I will?

Update: It turns out you can be added to someone else’s account and there are services who will give you access for as little as $5! I’m glad I slept on it, that saved me $94!



  1. I usually try to use my Apple products until there is a new usage that will increase my productivity that only comes with the new model (usually once every three years or so).

  2. I like having the latest and greatest, but I realize that it’s nearly impossible with how fast technology is evolving. Personally, I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not that excited about the new iOS. I’ll just wait for it to come out and then try to get it as soon as I can.

  3. I have a developer account through work and installed iOS7 on Tuesday night. It is far, far, better than I expected and I am not an Apple fanboy.

    Safari is finally a browser I want to use on my mobile, Mail has finally grown up, Calendar is really useful.

    Things to be aware of:

    1. The overall experience of using the beta is a little slow and laggy. It’s a beta. Be prepared for frustration at times.

    2. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, you’re stuck on the iOS7 path until official release. There’s no going back to iOS6.

    That said – I’m sold. And as Daniel says above, you might find other means to access UDID registration.

    • @Yuen Tuck Siew, love the feedback and great to hear there’s huge progress in the iOS!

      At the end of the day, it is the operating system and ecosystem which sets Apple apart. I love the unlimited windows in Safari and the fact we no longer have to manually upgrade our apps all the time.

      Fixing all the bugs now is going to be awesome for fall release.

      • @Financial Samurai, I actually don’t want automatic app updates. If Apple doesn’t like an app, they could delete it from your phone if you give them that type of access.

    • @Yuen Tuck Siew, so far I love it! It hasn’t been slow to me, but there are some really minor issues that will get fixed soon, I’m sure. But it’s much more efficient and easier to use than previous versions.

  4. I’m glad you got it for $5! But I am not all about the latest tech, so I was rooting for you saving money, lol. :-)

  5. I wouldn’t spend any money on it but it looks like you found a way to get it for $5 so at the price I would jump on it.

  6. I don’t go with the trend that early. If you let it settle for a while, the price will come down. Sometimes it’s just the urge to be cool. But if I also can get it for $5, why not?

  7. I always wait a little while before buying, sometimes it pays. Glad to see you save a lot of money.

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