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Why I’m Not Upgrading to the iPhone 4S

When I had a chance to get an iPhone 3G S about a year and a half ago, it was a no-brainer to me. I wanted the new phone with the coolest features, even if it came at the cost of a little lifestyle inflation. The cost would be offset and then some, so I was getting the iPhone for free.

Then, it came time to upgrade to the iPhone 4. Again, it made a lot of sense. It was a significant upgrade, and more importantly, it didn’t cost me a dime. Actually, I made money, even though it was a lot of hassle.

Now, the iPhone 4S has been released, and guess what? I’m not getting it this time.

There’s a little pressure because everyone likes the latest gadgets and there are certainly some nice features that I’d like to have. But the desire just isn’t there for me. I don’t think it’s a wise purchase and burning through an upgrade on our family plan for it doesn’t seem like the best decision.

Sure, I could probably sell my iPhone 4 for $350 and buy the iPhone 4S for $200, but that would mean using an upgrade, something that we’re saving up for. If something were to happen to one of our phones, we’d be on the hook because I think cell phone insurance is a scam. Phones are getting more expensive to replace, so having an upgrade is a priority at the moment.

Add in the fact that while the improvements to the phone are nice, they aren’t groundbreaking. The screen is just as clear (something I valued during the last upgrade), it’s the same size, and the camera has been working well for me so I don’t see an immediate need to get something better just for the sake of getting something better.

For me, the value just isn’t there. I’ve been very frugal with my iPhone, and right now, my iPhone is perfect for me. Since there’s no burning desire to get something new, I guess I’ll wait for the iPhone 5 and evaluate whether its features are worth it.



  1. I am with you Daniel. As much as I would love the new iPhone 4S I am sticking with my 2 year old 3GS. I am hoping the iPhone 5 will have some kind of 4G and will be worth waiting for.

  2. I dont have an iphone (droid) but i’ve been waiting to upgrade too. What i’ve got is suiting me just fine at the moment, and there’s no reason to inflate lifestyle anymore. Also, if I upgrade i’d have to get a new contract, and then I’d lose unlimited data.

  3. I am trying to decide if I want an iPhone — my fiancee is gung-ho about them. She wants one terribly bad, but I have still not determined whether or not I want an android or an iPhone. Her brother is a computer tech and he said androids are the way to go. What do you guys think?

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