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Why I Already Won The Lottery

With all the excitement going on over the lottery over the last week, I succumbed to the pressure and bought a ticket. And…I did not win. But, I feel pretty lucky anyway. Simply put, there’s not much to complain about, so here’s why I think I’ve already won a lottery of sorts:

I don’t talk too much about my personal life on the blog, but I have shared some of the most important life events that have occurred in recent memory. I proposed to my future wife 11 months ago and will be getting married just 3 months from now.

I also recently moved into a 2-story 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom apartment in the past month, which is perfect, even though I had a pretty sweet situation at my future in-laws.

If that wasn’t enough, I also have a job with a ton of perks. In addition to half-day Fridays, we go on company sponsored field trips. Not to make you all jealous, but I’m going to the Lakers game on Tuesday.

To top it all off, I’ve also got a successful side business that sort of fell in my lap. I started a blog for fun, but after about 8 months I realized that I could make some money from it. It’s spiraled into something far bigger, enough to make opening an individual 401(k) worth it.

Sure, I didn’t win the $640 jackpot, and yes there are tons of things I’d buy if I were rich. But I have been blessed with a lot. And I think I’m in a good position to keep building on what I have so that one day I will be wealthy. And maybe since I have to work for it, I’ll use it more wisely than some of instant millionaires who often blow through the money quickly.

Readers, how have you already won the lottery?



  1. I won the lottery also. I can practically do what I want. I have ample savings and security to live my life with ease and no debt burden

  2. Aww! How have I won? Well, let’s see; I have the best husband in the world who treats me with love and respect and makes me smile. I have the three most adorable children who are healthy and happy, both my and my husband’s parents live nearby, and my friends are the best! Basically….I’ve not just won the lottery; I’m a princess with magical powers who won every lottery known to man. :))

  3. What a great post on being thankful already. I’ve already won because I have an amazing set of family and friends. And I just purchased my first home, which I’m excited and love all the support I’ve been getting from the above mentioned family and friends.

  4. I love that! I try to be thankful for the things I have always. I already feel that I’ve won the birth lottery by being born in Canada as opposed to some less fortunate countries.

  5. Although it would be nice to win the lottery, I do not need the money to make happy. In fact, I am quite happy with my life. I have enough funds to have a great retirement, I have no debt and my children are doing great.

  6. Yes, I feel that I’ve hit the lottery. But it came through hard work, and I’m sure it came through hard work in your case too! We need to make sure we keep everything in perspective, and you did a great job conveying that in this post! Thank you!

  7. Being born healthy in America is hitting the worldwide lottery. But just like some lottery winners go broke after winning, some people squander all the opportunities that we have here. Great post!

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