What to Never Buy Online

Online shopping is an exciting, relaxing and very popular method of spending money nowadays – literally everything from clothes to computers, from medication to pet litter, from office supplies to plants and spices can be ordered off the internet. There are several things, though, that you should never buy on the internet – either they are too special, or they are too risky. So, here we go.

1. Cars

Of course, online car dealerships promise you a world of assurances and services – but wouldn’t you rather lay your eyes on the actual machine, smell it, touch it and take it for a ride before spending big bucks on it? Besides it’s easy to conceal hidden issues on a webpage… Unless you buy a new car, you should avoid online shopping for vehicles of all kinds.

2. Medication

This sounds obvious for most of us, but let me reiterate its importance: NEVER BUY MEDICATION ONLINE! If you do, the best case scenario is that you will get the medication you ordered with an inflated price. The situation is worse if you get something ineffective instead of the medication you ordered (it happens), while the worst case scenario is that you will get something potentially lethal disguised as the medication you ordered. Don’t let the apparently great prices fool you – always make sure you buy your medication from an actual pharmacy.

3. Luxury items

Designer bags, jewelry, high profile watches and luxury shoes? And paired with a surprisingly low price? They sound very nice, but are you sure you will get what you ordered? Or will you get a zirconium crystal instead of a diamond, steel instead of silver, Bucci instead of Gucci and Rovex instead of Rolex?

4. Anything fragile

Have you heard about the guy who ordered an iPad online? The poor little tablet computer ended up in his post box bent in two – the postman simply ignored the “FRAGILE” sign on its envelope. OK, I know, most online shops will replace your damaged goods in such a case, but you will still cover the costs of returning the product, and wait for extra days for a replacement.

5. Pets

For me it is strange that somebody would even consider ordering a puppy online, but it indeed happens – and it has some huge risks both for your pockets and the poor little critter at the same time. Think of the extra costs involved in shipping a live animal from one place to another – and also think of the animal exposed to who knows what on the way to your home. Don’t… just don’t.

What to Never Buy Online

Sweating the Big Stuff

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