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What Skills Do You Waste Than Could Earn You Money?

How many of you see someone making money and think to yourselves, ‘He’s so lucky! If I had those skills, I’d be doing that too!’ We sit and think how lucky other people are, when really they are just employing their skills and we could all be just like them, albeit with other talents.

I do it, but the truth is that we all have the skills we need to make money with a side gig. There are a million ideas out there, we just need to tap into our brains a little more and figure out exactly what we’re good at and turn it into something that others will pay for.

I recently read about a college student who put up ads on craigslist offering to jailbreak iPhones for money (jailbreaking involves opening the software to new features and apps that Apple doesn’t allow into their store for silly reasons). Now he makes $50,000 a year doing it!

When I read this, I slapped my forehead thinking, ‘I jailbroke my phone and it was super easy. This could have been me! Why am I so dumb!’

By now, the market is more saturated, jailbreaking ads are common and you can get someone to do it for $5, but there was a big opportunity. Unfortunately, I missed the boat on this one.

But I won’t hang my head and get all upset. I’m sure there are tons of opportunities out there for people to put their skills into practice and make some money.

Side gigs come in two main forms. Either we can provide a service that either yields a product people will pay more than it costs to produce or our we have skills that others are willing to employ, usually at a price that makes it worth it.

Readers, what skills do you have that could transform into a side gig? What’s your expertise in and what would people be willing to pay you to do?



  1. I started thinking about this very subject but I expanded it a bit in my mind. Instead of simply thinking about my skill set. I started thinking about every asset that I had and how using my assets could affect my financial picture.

    For example, I live directly across the street from a Catholic school. Since I am a stay at home mom, doing before or after school care would dovetail with taking care of my own brood. I called the principal and gave her my name and number to pass along to parents who are interested in the school but do not have before or after school care.

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