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What Do You Like About Money? What Do You Hate About It?

In the personal finance blogosphere, it’s pretty clear that we’re all fans of money. We like it, we want it, we need it.

But have you ever put into words what you like about money? And have you thought about the things you hate about money?

This week, I’ve been asking bloggers and friends for their thoughts on money. I just asked two simple questions and here are the responses I got. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

“What Do You Like About Money?”

  • Leah – I like the independence it promotes.
  • Laurel – I like that it gets you things.
  • Shira – I like the color
  • Ezra – I like how it smells and feels
  • Mira – I like that it buys stuff
  • Financial Samurai – I like how having money eliminates the stress of not having money.
  • JT McGee – Turning it into more money. It’s a game.
  • Noah Krueger – Freedom. Opportunity. Goal-setting.
  • Darwin’s Money – Options. Flexibility. Peace of mind.
  • Dr. Dean Burke – I love the freedom of choice having money gives
  • Lauren – I like the things I can buy with it, I feel a sense of power when I have money.
  • Katy – The color.
  • Adam – I like the color.
  • Kfir – That comfort of knowing that if theres anythign I need, I can get it, be it a necessity or a luxury.
  • Angry Millionaire – It allows me to live.

“What Do You Hate About It?”

  • Leah – that it makes people selfish and greedy and feel superior and makes others feel inferior for lacking it.
  • Laurel – That it limits you, everything requires it, and the value doesn’t stay the same.
  • Shira – Hate the texture.
  • Ezra – I hate earning lots of money and having to save it and not spend it.
  • Mira – Hate that it’s stressful.
  • Financial Samurai – I hate how money changes people, often times for the worse.
  • JT McGee – That people don’t understand money as a means of commerce.
  • Noah Krueger – It’s ability to turn me into a corrupted, unloving person in general who will put making money above cultivating relationships.
  • Darwin’s Money – When people do bad things in the pursuit of money. Wanna hurt yourself? Fine. Hurting others is the problem.
  • Dr. Dean Burke – I hate how badly I choose with that freedom at times!
  • Lauren – Hate that change is filthy and disgusting.
  • Katy – What it can do.
  • Adam – I hate the taste.
  • Kfir – That I always want more and how necessary it is to live a comfortable life.
  • Angry Millionaire – That I have to give it away.
  • Melissa – Hate that it’s stressful.
  • Benny – I hate that ATMs only dispense $20 bills, breaking change is annoying.

Readers, what do YOU like about money? What do you hate about it?



  1. I hate the smell, feel, and look of money. To me, it’s like we’re moving toward joining the rest of the world in implementing Monopoly money. I also hate that people feel that money makes them better than others or that it instantly gives them class. Class can’t be bought and decorum certainly is not a characteristic of those who flaunt their monetary status.

    • @krantcents, I didn’t really ask cash vs. credit, I think that’s just how people interpret it. Some answered about the physical money, others about their relationships. Clearly it’s not a physical thing to you, but what about having more (or less) money do you like/hate?

  2. I like the potential of money and the possibilities it opens up.

    I dislike that I never feel like I have enough money and I’m always waiting for more.

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