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What Was The Last Thing You Bought In A Store?

I am a huge fan of online shopping, so much so that I am trying to remember the last item I bought in a store. A real store with humans inside, not a kiosk or a vending machine.

Supermarkets don’t count because everyone needs food and until we are getting all our food delivered to our doors, this one isn’t going away. I got a haircut last Friday (so I figure I have another week until it stops looking awkward), but since I didn’t come out of there with an item, that doesn’t count either.

My Recent Online Purchases

I can remember my last few online purchases. I bought a $44 router on Amazon so that I can stop paying Time Warner $4 a month (and I hear they are increasing the rental cost to $6/month next billing cycle). That should pay for itself pretty quickly and reduce our cost of cable and internet slightly.

I also bought an ankle brace recently (also on Amazon, I love Amazon Prime and their free 2-day shipping!) because I rolled my ankle pretty badly playing basketball and want to prevent it from happening again. It’s a little awkward, but for $16 I can’t complain. And I definitely feel more stable with it.

My Most Recent In-Store Purchases

I had to look up my most recent in-store purchase on Mint. Now that I see it, I remember (and also see why I didn’t remember it) It was $1.73 for a two-pack of Advil at the airport 10 days ago. Pretty unforgetable. I had a huge headache and didn’t want to sit on a plane ride in discomfort. While paying $0.87 per pill isn’t my idea of a bargain (turns out you can get them for less than 5 cents per pill. Thanks San Francisco), I didn’t really have much of a choice.

Before that, my last purchase was nearly 3 weeks ago, picking up some medication at CVS (I have only taken 2 sick days over the past 2 years, so having two medical related purchases in a month has to be a record for me).

I Am Reliant On The Internet

I have no problem with how much I rely on the Internet to get me what I want and need. There are lots of reasons it’s better than having to go places to pick up. It’s easier, more convenient (I can shop from anywhere), and saves me a lot of time. Plus, it’s a lot easier to return an item if it doesn’t fit right or something. No more trips to the store just to return one item.

What was your last in-store purchase? How many online purchases have you made since then?



  1. I love Amazon Prime too! Getting free 2 day shipping or 1 day shipping for $3.99 is just amazing and completely worth it. I always check amazon prime if I “really need” something. But, sometimes if I’m too impatient, I buy in the store and usually end up spending more money. I bought a baby gate at BabyRUs yesterday to keep my dog out of the kitchen and I KNOW I could get it for less at Amazon!

  2. This is interesting! It is more difficult for me to shop online than in a store so I don’t do it too often.

    Mostly, it’s a pain to get deliveries. I don’t have a doorman so it’s just luck if UPS/FedEx will be able to get into the building to deliver it. I can get small things delivered to work but if it’s big/heavy then that defeats the purpose of delivery.

    It helps that I have A LOT of store choices in nyc. I don’t necessarily need to buy things online because I probably can also find them here. In a store. Where I can actually look at the product. I HATE returning items (both in person and through the mail) so I don’t like the “risk” of buying certain items online. I’d much rather buy a purse/clothing/shoes at an actual store.

  3. The last in-store purchase we made was for our mattress back in May. Other than that, and grocery shopping, I can’t remember the last thing we bought in store. We buy virtually everything online.

  4. Thanks, you just reminded me to replace the cable company router. I usually buy a lot of things online, although I only replace what has worn out.

  5. I bought some headphones last week. That is the kind of purchase I would usually make online but I wanted to use them the next day rather than wait for them to be shipped. Even though I probably could have gotten them cheaper online they were only a few bucks so it was worth paying a little more to me to have them sooner in this case.

  6. I just bought an eyelash curler and more sunscreen at Walmart since it was cheaper there than on Amazon Prime. But I get your point. I just used Amazon today also to buy two gifts and add stuff to my wish list. :-)

  7. So it wasn’t until reading your article that I also realized how very dependent on the internet I am. The only time I buy things from stores is when I am in a pinch, and in my case they are usually healthcare or personal care items – much like you found. Yesterday I got my groceries delivered for the first time. Ahh! Am I on my way to becoming a hermit? :)

      • @Daniel Packer,
        I was nervous about that too – but I tried Hello Fresh this week and my food was still fresh and cold when I got home AND I worked late. It came packed with ice packs – so I think it gives you a little room for error.

  8. I don’t shop online as much as you do. If I need something really quick, I just bike a couple of blocks to the nearest Wal-Mart.

  9. I too am an addict.

    Our internet went out for a couple hours the other night. I must have reset the modem and the router eight times, desperate for it to work again.

    The thing is, I didn’t even really NEED to be online at that time, I just needed to know that I COULD if I wanted to be.

    Offline Purchase – 6/1/13- Video Game

    (I had a decidedly non-frugal moment)

  10. No one delivers to my home in the middle of the jungle so it’s been some time since I purchased something online for myself, however I use it a lot to send presents to family and friends. Just sent Atlas Shrugged to my little brother via Amazon. Last non grocery purchase was shots for my chickens who got sick about 2 weeks ago. Since then only payroll, taxes, but no stuff.

  11. Excellent post, Daniel.

    e-commerce is just taking off here in Malaysia, it’s only in recent months that the big grocery stores have launched online shopping and delivery services. Whilst we have established online fashion outlets, like Zalora, Amazon has yet to make it big in the market and is viewed with some suspicion by locals (big overseas company).

    Coupled with all of the above, those online stores that do exist frequently have to rely on cash on delivery as a payment method to meet the needs of the market.

    Hence, we all spend a lot of time at the mall of a weekend, strolling round the shops and taking endless coffees, bubble tea and lunch.

    Interesting times ahead.

  12. Last Saturday morning I went out with some old friends for “Dim Sum” to a restaurant in our International District (Seattle, WA).

    On the way back, we stopped by an arts supply store. My friend and her husband wanted to pick up a few things, and since I was riding with them, I decided to go in also. This was my first mistake.

    After looking around for a short time, I decide to ask one of sales people if their store sold airbrushes, and the corresponding equipment (compressor, hoses, ink, etc.) required to operate one. Second mistake.

    The sales person said of course, and when I saw the glint in his eyes, I should not have ignored it.

    Long story, semi-short, I made the purchase: $346.70 later.

    Third mistake was justifying my purchase by convincing myself that it is equipment I can use in my business, where it will be used. I know, more justification. Although, this has been an item on my “bucket list” of equipment to purchase. I know, again, more justification.

    Fourth and final mistake was allowing myself to be caught up in the moment, and make an impulsive decision to purchase, without doing more prudent “pricing research”.

    Got back home. Decided (of course, after the fact) to do some research on-line. Found out I could have made the same “exact” purchases on-line, including shipping, etc., and I would have saved $126.80!!!

    Thank God, the store has a 30-day return policy. It’s all going back!

    Lesson learned, or should I say, re-affirmed.

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