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What Do You Do in a Warehouse?

When looking for a job, you should consider all the positions that would suit your personal preferences and skills. And if you don’t know something about the position, ignoring it and looking for something more familiar is often not the best decision. For example, do you know what warehouse workers do? If not, read along, and if you like the description, research warehouse positions and apply for the one you like.

Basically, the job of warehouse worker vary depending on the type of warehouse and what is stocked there, but the main tasks for every kind are organizing, selecting and processing merchandise. One more could be filling the orders, which mean the person has to find items in the bulk storage and prepare them for shipping. The ability to operate heavy machinery like forklifts is most like essential for the job, but understanding electronic systems and computer database is as important.

Organizing Inventory

Warehouses usually serve as storage facilities for numerous companies that sell goods. Basically, all the items are shipped to the warehouse from manufacturer or farmer, and from there is makes the way to shops and customers. And for the people working at the warehouse organizing everything in the way it can be found easily when needed is one of the most crucial tasks to accomplish.

Shipping and Receiving

Before the organization of items can happen, goods have to be processed into the warehouse. This is usually done via truck or cargo ships that are unloaded in special receiving docks. Workers catalog everything that is in the shipments and determine where they should go or what is going to happen to them.

Things go out of a warehouse as well. Whenever the customer places an order, or the store needs to be restocked, staff pulls things out of the shelves and packs them for the delivery. This usually happens in several steps – first of all, manager would fill out a requisition order where the exact things needed are specified, and checks if the items requested are in stock. After that he or she would assign people to actually go and get the items from the stock floor. It is usually the third party people who check the order for accuracy and then package the things for shipping.

Clean-Up Tasks

Receiving and unloading goods can generate serious amount of waste, and someone has to clean it all. Some employees are tasked to clean up shipping and receiving floors and organize trash.


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