VIP escort service – Big cash for a little passion?

The discussion revolving around the topic of buyable love is just as old, as this line of business itself. In many countries, prostitution is illegal; in others it is strictly regulated, and in some places it has become a normal and accepted part of society. Many people connect prostitution to human trafficking; to failed existences and great suffering. Others see a respectable service branch, which is a fixed part of human culture. As a legit way to live out sexual fantasies, to reduce anxiety, or simply to have some fun. All opinions are valid, since this profession has many features from dark and repulsing to beautiful and positive.

A view into the history of VIP escorts

Already hundreds of years ago, so-called courtesans took care of the sensual desires of wealthy merchants, royals and kings. These ladies were not only of exquisite beauty, but also well-educated and knowledgeable about the court’s etiquette, and thus very well paid. In Rome, during the 16th century – in the time of the renaissance – courtesans were part of the high society; they were invited to sumptuous banquets, were companions of bishops, bankers and monarchs. The most famous of all courtesans of this time was a lady called Tullia d’Aragona, who pampered her suiters not only with her feminine charms, but also intellectually with philosophical discussions in different languages and – as a well-known, prolific author her impressive skills in poetry.

The major difference …

… between a professional escort service and a normal brothel is quite obvious. The courtesans of ancient times are today called VIP escort models whose service well exceeds the sensual side of the business. Eloquent and stunningly beautiful, they are self-confident companions for any sort of events and a trustworthy, intellectually stimulating temporary girlfriend. Great examples are the models of one of the most renowned escort agencies in Europe. This company exclusively works with ladies, who choose this line of work as a lucrative and enjoyable side business. The models can freely choose if they want do date the gentleman in question and how far they want to go.

A brothel on the other hand is exclusively designed to give the clients what they are looking for in the most efficient and straight forward manner: physical satisfaction.

A lucrative side job: escort model

It is a fact that women can earn quite a bit of money when working in the escort business. The most expensive escort – a lady in New York – is known to make up to $50,000 USD per date! In average, girls in this line of business earn between $200 and $400 USD for two hours. Agencies or independent escorts offering dates below this time frame are not considered professional. Ladies who work together with an agency pay a certain percentage to the company. The escort agency on the other hand takes care of all arrangements, the marketing and the financial part, which in return saves the escort time and money.

VIP escort service – Big cash for a little passion?

Sweating the Big Stuff

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