With Uber Comes Less Day-Job Stress

Think for a moment about what brings you the most stress in your life. Odds are, it’s related to work or money. Well, driving for Uber allows you to stress out less about those two things (and right now, you can get a $150 bonus just for signing up!).

I’ve always stressed having multiple streams of income and how side businesses are so crucial, whether they earn $100 per month, $500 per month, or match your day job income. With Uber, you get to choose how much you want to make and how many hours you want to put in. You’re not at the mercy of a boss, and what you put in determine what you get out of it. That being said, the benefit of earning some extra money per month is just one of the side benefits. The biggest benefit from driving for Uber comes from having a viable backup plan that should lead to less stress on a daily basis.

Imagine never being worried about being fired or laid off. Imagine if your day job was nice to have, but you never had to get worked up about it and can leave the stress in the office. Your worst-case scenario just got a lot less terrible. I’m not pretending that losing your job would be a fun experience, but in the past, losing your source of income has meant a terrible pang of fear of what is to come. Now, it could mean turning to a viable backup and being able to earn money the same day. It might not be as fun and it doesn’t come with health insurance, but it should help bridge the gap as you look for your dream job.

And it’s not limited to just ride-sharing services. That’s just what’s been on my mind lately. It’s not difficult to make a couple hundred dollars freelancing, it just takes a bit of creativity to find what you’re good at and the people who will pay for it.

Your full-time job is less important now that there are so many alternatives to making money, whether online or off. Uber/lyft give an awesome backup job so you don’t have to stress out quite as much.

With Uber Comes Less Day-Job Stress

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