Trying To Move? Ways To Not Break The Bank In The Process

Relocating to a new home or business area is definitely exciting. However, moves do come with a cost, literally. There are expenses that need to be considered when moving locally or internationally, from hiring a moving agency to buying packaging stuff. If you plan on moving soon, here are some ways to avoid breaking your savings account in the process.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1 – Carry only what you need. It is a common trait for many people to bring old and unneeded items to their new home merely because of sentimental value. While this is a good trait, keep in mind that the more items you plan on moving, the greater the equipment, effort, and transport vehicle your mover will have to supply. This ultimately leads to costlier charges
on your moving services. One way to do this is through designing a floor plan of your new residence. See if all your furniture will fit the floor plan. If not, get rid of it.

Tip #2 – Color coordinate your relocation. If the furniture just won’t match, don’t bring it with you. In many cases, you can buy replacement furniture pieces and appliances far cheaper than you can upholster and relocate them.

Tip #3 – Consolidate your library as much as possible. Then, check if the expenses for mailing treasured volumes are cheaper than the costs of relocating them. The separate postage pricing for books may squeeze some savings.

Tip #4 – Though a single shirt or dress weighs infinitesimally, an average full wardrobe box can weigh up to 80 pounds. This can significantly increase your moving quote. If you have no plans of wearing the clothing, avoid bringing it with you. But don’t just leave it there. You can donate the clothes in a goodwill organization, which may make you eligible for tax incentives.

Tip #5 – Prioritize the most valuable items you are moving. To save money, you should avoid cost. It is as simple as that. And nothing is costlier than replacing your fridge or sofa set because it was damaged during the move. Make sure you wrap and package delicate items like antique furniture, appliances, electronics, and other items for the ride.

Tip #6 – Consider self storage in Fort Worth. People who move homes or businesses in and around Fort Worth, Texas often encounter the need for extra space until they’ve actually settled in and organized everything. Working with companies like Uncle Bobs Storage could just be the solution you need.

Trying To Move? Ways To Not Break The Bank In The Process

Sweating the Big Stuff

3 thoughts on “Trying To Move? Ways To Not Break The Bank In The Process

  1. Since we are only moving 5 miles down the road and into a larger home, we are hoping to save a ton by repurposing our current stuff and filling in the blank spots VERY slowly. We’re even taking the ugly hand-me-down couch for the dark media room, lol. It won’t be nearly as visible in a windowless room, hahaha.

  2. Like everything, a lot is planning ahead. Moving is the best time to go through everything you own to decide if you really need to keep it or get rid of it. However, if you’re pressing for time, then you’ll just throw everything into a box and move lots of needless “stuff”.

    My favorite moving cheat is to wrap up your breakable items in your clothes! You need to pack both of them anyway.

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