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Tips To Stay a Valuable Employee

The following is a post from staff writer Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, where she writes about finding the balance between paying your bills, saving for your future, and budgeting in the fun stuff along the way.

The layoffs of the past few years have left many of us worried about our employment status. Few of us want to be a free agent again in the job market right now with all of the competition. At least there are a few things that we can do to help us increase our job security. Here are some tips that may lead to a promotion instead of a pink slip.

Be an Innovator

The most innovative employees are the ones that the company simply cannot do without. Coming up with great ideas that help to improve the way that a company operates is a great way of showing your value to a company. I’d suggest providing unique insights and opinions that contribute to the workplace environment, make the company more money, or increase productivity.

In the company I work for, they give away monthly checks for $500 for the most useful innovation suggestion. The last winners have ranged from programmers suggesting money-saving changes in our operating procedures to the person who suggested getting an automatic ice maker and filtered water machine to entice employees to drink more water and less soda. I personally love that machine.

Pursue Higher Education

An employee is the greatest resource that any company can have. That is why it is important that you invest in yourself. Going back to school will keep you up to date on the latest ideas and information available in your particular field. Knowledge can truly be power. Remember to check out your own company’s policies regarding continuing education since you may eligible for some financial support!

Go Beyond Your Job Description

One way to distinguish yourself from others is by going the extra mile. Being the first one in and the last one out can demonstrate your work ethic and show the company exactly how seriously you take your job. You can also earn brownie points for volunteering for projects, which can also give you an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership abilities and skills.

Obviously these suggestions won’t work with all jobs. My own position is paid an annual salary, but we are also eligible for overtime after 40 hours. This means we are not allowed to work even one minute over 40 hours every week. I try to go the extra mile with my customer service in order to stay employed.

Develop Great Relationships

Those employees that create friction between themselves and their bosses or coworkers usually do not stay employed as long as the people who do at least make an attempt to meld. I’d suggest taking time to cultivate healthy relationships with everyone that you come into contact with. Try to be an optimist. A pleasant person is always easier to want around than a pain. You really want to avoid getting a reputation for being a negative complainer around the office place.

I honestly need to follow my own advice in this respect. I am a very pleasant person to work with but I also complain openly with my fellow coworkers about our company’s obvious disregard for their employees.

What other qualities would you suggest for all of us looking to keep our jobs right now?



  1. Some of the most important skills employers want are soft skills! Things like strong work ethic, positive attitude, good communication skills, time management, problem solving skills, team player, self confident, accept and learn from criticism, flexible and work under pressure.

  2. I stay valuable to my company because i don’t give all of my tips and processes that I use that work well for me.

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