Tips of Wedding Etiquette for Guests

Weddings are generally formal affairs, and they always elicit optimal amounts of respect from the guests. However, sometimes, individuals are not quite sure for what the latest rules of wedding etiquette call. Fortunately, this list will offer some guidance on the issue.

Pay Attention to the Invitation

One of the rudest actions a guest can take is to avoid RSVPing on time. Reception facilities require the couples to provide an exact number of people who will be attending the affair, and failure to RSVP can cause a breakdown in communication between the couple and the hall. Unless the invitation says otherwise, it’s necessary to RSVP whether attending or not. Furthermore, guests must pay attention to instructions on the invitation. For example, it may request that children do not attend or that guests wear a certain type of attire.

Respect the Couple’s Choices

Some people become aggravated by lengthy church ceremonies and others are mad when the couple chooses to have a non-traditional wedding. Guests must remember that the couple is doing what they feel is best for them, and respect must be given for these decisions. Complaining and whining about any of the wedding elements during the party is unacceptable. Guests should look happy for the couple, and they should greet and congratulate them with warmth when they encounter one another.

Follow the Formalities

Another major problem that guests can cause is when they decide to switch seats before the formal dinner has happened. Moving to another table could cause a complete disruption in the way the tables are arranged. This note is even more essential if the guests have selected their meals prior to attending the wedding. It is fine to move around and mingle, but wedding guests should dine at the table at which they were placed. Furthermore, guests should not expect to become the focal point of the bride and groom’s attention. The couple has many people that they will need to greet, and they will likely be unable to spend too much time with anyone.

Gift Giving Etiquette

Here is a topic that tends to cause a lot of confusion and complications when it comes to weddings. Ultimately, it is very rude to not give a gift and to avoid mentioning it. Sometimes, situations will occur where a person will forget the gift at home or will not be able to afford it at the moment. This situation needs to be resolved, and a gift should be provided when the person is able to do so. For those who are able to give gifts, the amount should be what the individuals can afford. Additionally, it should be based upon the person’s relationship to the bride and groom. Choosing the gift based on the location of the wedding or the day of the week indicates a sense of superficiality.

Wedding etiquette is a touchy subject, especially for brides and grooms who had people act inappropriately on their special day. Keeping these tips in mind is absolutely necessary for proper wedding guest behavior.

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Tips of Wedding Etiquette for Guests

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