Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

There’s always an increased risk of personal and financial safety whenever you travel. Risks increase when you’re going to places you’ve never been to. When you’re in a foreign place and you hardly know the language or how to get around, things can get pretty bad if you’re unprepared. Here are some tips to keep your money safe while traveling.

Limit cash on hand

It’s a given. You’ll need to have some US Dollars or local currency with you. But, avoid carrying your whole allowance with you. About $200 is a good figure. Distribute them among your pockets and bags. Some slip bills into their shoes. If you have a companion, share the amount between yourselves. Whatever happens, you’re guaranteed to have some cash remaining if things turn bad.

Go for travel-friendly clothes

Travel friendly clothes are not just cool and comfortable. They have multiple pockets and concealed pockets where you can store cash. You can even get creative and sew in a secure pocket onto your clothing.

Have two wallets

Ready a spare wallet you can give up when somebody tries to rob you at gunpoint. Make it believable by putting in a minimal amount. Add in some small funded or used gift cards.  You can also use it as your go-to wallet which you can take out to buy drinks or small items. Keep larger amounts in a concealed, unnoticeable wallet.

Use a money belt

Money belts are basic travel accessories. And thieves know all about them. Still, they provided added safety for your cash. Choose money belts that are slim and small. Buy those that attach securely. Choose models that hide well underneath your clothing. Keep it thin. Don’t overload it with cash — click here for even more tips.

Prepare your amounts before going out

It’s always better to plan your purchases ahead of time. If you know what you’re out to get and the price, then ready it in your pocket before you head out. It’s not good to take out your money and count them in public. That’s a dangerous invitation for getting robbed.

Record all your account details

No one is every prepared for robbery. It still happens. People are caught by surprise and they don’t know their card details. By the time they complete making a report to the police and banks, the thieves have already taken a good amount out of their bank accounts and credit cards. Worse, they don’t have any way to pay for their immediate needs. So snap photos of your cards. List them down for easy access.

Withdraw cash in safe places

When you’re traveling, spending money can be very spontaneous, unplanned, and impulsive. Sometimes, you run out of cash and you must make a withdrawal. Some people just go to the nearest ATM and without thought, withdraw money. Avoid doing that. Always choose the safe route. Go inside banks. Go inside shopping malls and business establishments. Doing this gives more security to you So don’t be content with choosing the street corner ATM.

Make efforts to secure your cash when you travel. Follow these tips for a safer and more enjoyable trip.

Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

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