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Tips and Tricks to Get Car Insurance Discounts

Like most people, you may be looking to save some money in your life right now. You can get some good auto insurance discounts if you keep in mind these simple tips and tricks when shopping for your next policy.

1) Drive carefully. It might seem obvious, but the number one reason your insurance costs will go up is an accident, so do what you can to avoid one. Drivers have more and more distractions in their cars these days, and distractions add up to accidents. Do what you can to minimize them, like staying off your cell phone, pre-programming radio stations, and by never, ever, texting while driving. It saves lives and saves money.

2) Learn to drive like a pro. For parents with teens about to be added to their insurance, a good driver training course will do wonders for the insurance company’s confidence in your child’s driving, and the bottom line. Many school districts offer them, but you might also look into private courses, which will make your young driver safer and reduce the risk of accidents, which, going back to tip #1, means lower costs. More experienced drivers can also benefit from driver training courses as well though. Defensive driving classes are available around the country that can help you find discount car insurance, and some are even fun. Some quick searching around the web will turn up plenty of options.

3) Buy a safer car. Not all cars are created equal when it comes to auto insurance. In any given price range, the insurance industry rates different cars based on their safety features and likelihood of being in an accident, based on crash statistics. Organizations like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rate cars based on their safety, and often choosing one of their top picks when buying a new car will result in lower rates. Sometimes you’ll be surprised too; safer doesn’t always mean boring.

4) Bundle your insurance. Getting all of your vehicles, and even your home (whether you own or rent), bundled into one policy with one insurer can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your policy. Check with your agent or get online quotes that include all of your vehicles, as well as your homeowners or rental insurance. The savings can be up to 20% with some insurers!

With just these few basic tricks, you’ll soon find that auto insurance discounts are easier to find than you ever realized.



  1. We bundled our insurance with USAA and are so happy with them. We also bank with them and can’t say enough good things about their service. Their great service leads to customer retention. They also have really good rates.

  2. It is not that simple equation. Many times you are able to
    get a better price on the option yet the insurer will try to avoid
    paying if there is any real damage. You get what you pay

  3. 5) Ask for discounts. Quite often, they’ll be able to give you a list of things you might qualify for, if you only ask :)

  4. Another tip to add to the list if simple ask for discounts from the insurance providers. If you have been with them for a while, you can haggle your way for a bargain. This is especially true if you got a better car insurance quote from a different provider. Most insurance companies don’t want to loose customers and will be willing to compromise on the price a bit to keep them.

  5. These aren’t really secrets. In fact, my insurance company (AllState) has most of these printed in their brochure. Thank you for sharing, though. :)

  6. To expand on #4 – Not only bundling your insurance types together can save you money, but if you bundle family members together under the same policy, you can also save money. Look for family-plans and discounts.

  7. I think there is a room for tip #5. which is beat your existing insurance quote with another one from a different provider. Many auto insurance companies are willing to match another insurer quote or even offer a big discount that comes close.

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