The Best Things To Buy in Spring

As you may know, there is a best time to buy certain items. Generally it is best to buy things off-season, and a few days after major shopping seasons (like Black Friday, for example). The majority of a product’s price has seasonal fluctuations, meaning that there are seasons when they are generally cheaper and more accessible. Given that it’s March, let’s take a look at what products are best to buy in the spring.

March – Frozen foods, Digital Cameras

Although many of you might not be aware of this, or think that it is just a marketing stunt to make you buy more, March is the National March Frozen Food Month, and this year the initiative is at its 32th year. It is a promotion organized by the NFRA (National Frozen & Refrigerated Food Association), and it involves special offers on participating brands of frozen foods, sweepstakes with prizes up to $10,000, various giveaways, and even an awards ceremony rewarding the best merchandising in March (the Golden Penguin Awards). This is a great occasion to fill your freezer with delicious frozen peas, beans, fruit, or – why not – frozen steaks…

According to Consumer Reports, March is also the best month to snap up deals on digital cameras/

April – Cruises, Winter clothing

April is the month when winter is definitely over – and also the best time to buy winter clothing at clearance. Don’t forget – winter will be coming back in six months or so. April is the month when spring collections hit the shelves, and many retailers are holding sales to get rid of their winter clothing stocks.

April is also a great month to get a great deal on vacuum cleaners (new models usually come out in June), and a great time to make timely reservations for cruises at promotional prices.

May – Spring clothes, refrigerators

Memorial Day sales are usually great occasions to get great deals on spring clothing – with the summer just a few weeks away shops are again trying to clear out their shelves before the summer models arrive.

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The situation is similar for refrigerators. New models are preparing to hit the shelves, and stores will give customers great deals on the older models still in their stock. If you are lucky, you might even snap a deal at a showroom model, that might have some smears and fingerprints on it, but also an even lower price tag to go with them.

If you have hoped to see smartphones and tablets on the list, you will be disappointed – the Black Friday (and the holiday shopping season in general) is the best time to buy them. If you are waiting for this time to play your favorite mobile games… well, tough luck, you’ll have to wait some more.

The Best Things To Buy in Spring

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