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Take Advantage of Warranties to Jump-Start the Economy

The 2011 Social Security tax break increases the first $106,800 of our salaries by 2%. This, like most efforts to jump-start the economy, was done to encourage people to spend more more. For our personal finance, it doesn’t always make sense, because the more we spend, the less we have in our bank accounts, but on a higher level, it’s what is needed to get our economy back on track. If the savings rate increases, businesses don’t do well, and we’ve seen the result of people spending less.

I tried to watch a DVD on my laptop (about 1 1/2 years old) last month and it wouldn’t play. I got some error that my DVD drive wasn’t recognized, so I chatted with technical support, which confirmed that it needed to be replaced. They were able to send someone to my apartment, and the guy played around with it a little, replaced the drive, and it was as good as new and now I have no problems.

No deductible, absolutely free. The guy works for a company that contracts for Dell, so they (and he) get paid more the more they work.

Bonus Question: Anyone see where I’m going with this?

By activating my right to have my rarely-used DVD drive, I kicked off a process that was effectively taking money from Dell and giving it to this guy and this much smaller company which contracts for Dell. Sounds like a pretty good way of moving money around (netting the government more in taxes).

By doing this, I inadvertantly was able to inject dollars into the economy and made a small difference without using your own money.

Of course, without a reason to call and have the computer services, it’s just taking advantage. While I don’t watch DVDs on my computer very often (maybe once every 6 months?), I wanted it to be fixed before my warranty ran out. So I was well within my rights, no matter how you slice it.

It’s time to get out your paperwork and see if your tv, computer, DVD player, xbox 360, etc. is still covered, and if it is, get it fixed for free! You’ll be helping the economy, plus you’ll feel great about your good-as-new product!

When you have a problem with you broadband internet or cable television service, is there any reason not to call?

If I had something broken that I never use and never planned to use, like an external monitor plug which I’ve never used and don’t have any plans to, would it be ok to invoke this privilege?

Readers, what warranties do you have but didn’t bother to use because you don’t think they are that big of a deal? Now that you know it could give some guy extra work (and pay) at no cost to you, would you consider getting it fixed?



  1. Right before my flat screen TV warranty ran out, I had a service call to check out the TV. Well worth it! More than the economy, I am confident everything is working well.

    • @krantcents, I’ve gotten some extra keyboards from Dell wen mine get stuck, and it’s great to have an extra should something go wrong later on.

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