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Best of the Rest: Loose Ends Edition

With only 5 days left of work to go, I am pumped! I’m making a lot of post-work plans, like going to New York and meeting up with friends, packing all my stuff for my cross-country move, and waking up late. I’m going to be living the self-employed dream (at least temporarily), and I’m building up confidence that this decision was the right one, so hopefully it all works out the way I’m planning!

Anyone have any good summer plans? Let’s hear them!

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I Quit My Job and Am Moving Across The Country

Awhile ago, Silicon Valley Blogger featured a guest post about relocating and whether you would consider doing it for love or money.

I don’t think I could relocate for the money. Leaving everything behind is tough, and I can’t even imagine traveling even 50% of the time, so relocating for money seems to be out of the question for me.

I’ve decided to move from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles, California in order to be with Lauren. Clearly love was enough to make me relocate.

To top it off, I just gave notice that I’ll be leaving my job and in 3 weeks will wake up on Monday morning without a job for the first time since graduating college. I knew that it would be nearly impossible to get a job in LA (anyone out there hiring?) while living 3,000 miles away, so I have been applying and will hopefuly line up some interviews in the first week or two I’m there.

Scared? Hell no! Excited? Yes! While I know getting a job right now is daunting, I think I have the skills that certain employers want and I’ll spend some time trying to find a perfect fit. If I can’t? I’ll move down my list from dream jobs to great jobs, and if it comes to it, decent jobs, and finally, any job, though hopefully I won’t get there.

In the meantime, I have this blog and some other online business ventures to support me. I have built up a very health emergency fund and my online ventures can pay my bills and then some, so I do have some breathing room.

Why not plan on blogging full-time?

I’m simply not built for that right now. While I work well alone, I like interacting with people, and after spending two days on my couch with my sprained ankle, I realized that working from home may not be for me. I like to get out, walk around, and interact with people. Clearly I’ll be getting a little bit of a better taste for that life in the coming months, so we’ll see if it’s something that I might one day enjoy.

The other reason is for security. With online ventures, they can dry up at any time. There’s no backup plan, so a job really is necessary.

Readers, would you relocate for love? Am I crazy for quitting with no job lined up?