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How Did You Get a Summer Internship?

My brother is a junior in college, and has an eye on the future. He’s majoring in Economics with a minor in mathematics and he’s looking for a summer internship. It’s only March, but now’s the time to find something before he has to really worry about sitting on the couch all summer.

College internships are a huge stepping stone into the real world. For many, it is their first work experience where they get a taste of what is means to work in an office and hate your life get a taste for what working might be like.

Internship Advice

So as he searches for internships on the Internet, I asked for some recommendations for him. I don’t expect anyone to offer him a job, just some friendly advice to increase his chances of finding a good fit for an internship over the summer. This is what I got:



These are all really good ideas, and I really like the first one. Professors can be excellent resources. I remember meeting with a professor before deciding on my major and it was one of the best things I could have done.

I also don’t want him to worry just yet. I was studying abroad during my spring semester of my junior year and it took me awhile to get an internship. All I could do was email back and forth, so I think he has a big advantage. If anyone wants to interview him, they’ll learn a lot more about how we can be valuable to their team instead of just reading about his 3.94 GPA.

Readers, what other tips do you have for him? How did you get your summer internship in college?

How an Internship Abroad Helped Shape My Career Path

During my junior year of college, I studied abroad in Israel. I got an internship through school working for a venture capital firm in Jerusalem, and the 4 months I spent there changed my outlook and had a profound effect on my future career.

It wasn’t until a year beforehand that I decided I wanted to major in something business related, so I was very new to the world and had a very limited knowledge of what the venture capital world entailed.

Once a week, I’d go into the office, sat in on meetings with companies pitching their products, and speak with the managing partners about technology enabled services. It opened my eyes to all the possibilities ahead and I started thinking about things in a different way.

Most of the companies that came into pitch their products did not seem like they were destined for greatness. They were not world changing services or products, so the company passed on most, if not all, of the opportunities presented in meetings that I sat in on.

After learning a lot and contributing very little, I came away with a much deeper understanding of the world of technology and became much more interested in it. It helped solidify my decision to major in Information Systems, which was a mix of programming and business.

The following summer, I took an internship working for a jewelry store trying to improve their traffic and rankings. Having that internship experience was the only thing that made me qualified for the position. It was there that I got my first (and only) mention in the New York Times Freakonomics Blog.

Without that first internship in Israel, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would not have gotten the internship at the jewelry store and learned more about search engine optimization specifically. and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s the reason I was given the opportunity.

After graduating from college the following year, I started working primarily doing database work and some programming for a large car insurance company. I got the job based on my coursework and my experience, which clearly started with the venture capital internship. Meanwhile, I started this blog and started thinking outside the box in terms of my future.

After 2 years I moved out west and after a few months of self-employment, I got my current job working in online advertising.

In college, I was a little single-minded. I planned on getting a job and working for about 40 years before retiring. I never thought that I could do something else with my life, start a business, and create my own destiny instead of relying only on others.

This internship I had while on a study abroad program kicked off a series of events that led me to where I am today and shaped the way I look at the world. I gained the valuable skills necessary to discern whether or not to pursue a recent business opportunity, and it opened the door to many more opportunities I continue to look for.