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Remote Deposit is Coming to ING Direct in Spring 2012

UPDATE: ING Direct is now Capital One 360

I got a fantastic email from ING Direct today. If you don’t know, ING Direct is being acquired by Capital One. Not everyone is ecstatic about the change. After all, who wants to be part of a big bank? One of the things I love about ING Direct is their excellent customer service, which many big banks lack.

In today’s email to customers alerting them to the change (hint: not much is changing, at least in the short-term), there is an interesting nugget about a big change that I’ve been waiting a long time for.

Coming in Spring 2012, ING Direct customers will have access to CheckMate, their new remote deposit service. This means customers will be able to deposit checks to their ING Direct accounts from their computers or mobile devices.

I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time now. It was promised about a year ago, but I assumed that getting acquired by Capital One would push off this much anticipated service even further. However, they pleasantly surprised me this time, and having the ability to do all my checking from the comfort of my own home is a huge plus.

Remote Deposit will complete ING Direct as a bank for me. A few months ago, they allowed people to get paper checks instead of having to mail them in. They are so close to becoming a bank I can use full time.

I’ve wanted to close my Bank of America account for a long time now (they only have one redeeming quality), but I didn’t have a convenient way to deposit checks. When this service arrives sometime in the next few months, I don’t think I’ll have a reason to keep my Bank of America checking account anymore (and I definitely don’t have a BOA savings account!).

While ING Direct has been my primary bank for over 2 years now, it hasn’t been my only bank. I’ve had to go through the lengthy process of depositing a check at a Bank of America ATM, transferring it to my ING Direct account, and waiting several days for the transfer to clear. Waiting several days for your money isn’t ideal, so this is much welcome news for me.

Readers, am I silly for being this excited? What’s your favorite bank perk right now?