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Why $200 Lost Gambling Was Better Spent Than $200 Cirque Du Soleil Tickets

For my birthday, Lauren and I drove up to Vegas for a weekend getaway. We were excited for a weekend away to sit by the pool, see a show, walk around, and of course, gamble a little bit.

On Friday, we played craps, and we loved it. There are so many options and the anticipation is amazing. We won a whopping $37 in about an hour and then walked away to go back to our hotel.

photo by rendezvouscp

We went to see Mystere on Saturday night, which was really cool. The acrobatics are unbelievable, and seeing some former Olympic athletes after watching Olympic gymnastics for the past week made for some perfect timing. I think I want to be a trapeze artist at some point in my life, it is just so freaking cool.

After the show, we went back to the casino and played some more. We were up another $50 but pressed our luck, got greedy, and ended up losing $100. We put in another $50 and lost that too. But the people at our table were lots of fun to talk to, so we plopped down our $37 winnings from the previous night, but a few unlucky rolls later, we were out that money, too. After 3 hours of playing, we finally stepped away. It was a great night. Plus, we got some ultra-cheap drinks.

On Sunday, we went back with $60 more for one last hurrah. We went back to our lucky table, where the dealers remembered us (everyone remembers newlyweds), but we weren’t so lucky and after losing $50, we decided to walk away with our last $10 intact. It was our small win to know that we walked away before hitting rock bottom.

In all, we spent about the same amount on the Cirque Du Soleil tickets as we lost playing Craps over the weekend. Where did we have more fun? Without a doubt at the craps tables. We’re not big gamblers (this was actually the first time I’d gambled in over a year), but despite watching our money go to the casino, we were laughing and smiling and the whole time. Rooting together was so much fun.

The Cirque show was really cool. The way these people control their bodies and flip upside down and inside out is incredible. And seeing 50 people do it at once is unbelievable.

But in the end, it didn’t compare to the quality time we spent together. Gambling by myself isn’t that fun (unless I’m winning). But playing Craps with my wife was fantastic.

Even from a financial standpoint, this is a no-brainer. The show lasted 2 hours, so we paid $50/hour for the two of us to watch the show. We played Craps for about 4 hours over the course weekend. That comes out to just $25/hour. And we had more fun doing it, too!

We always hear that gambling is bad and a waste of money because in the long-term, the house always win. But guess what, there are other benefits to gambling! It brought us closer together. I consider our $200 lost as spending on fun.

Readers, what do you think? Is gambling always bad or does it depend on how much fun you have?