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Summer Savings: Five Ways to Stash the Cash While the Sun Shines

Festivals, days out, holidays – it’s easy to spend money like water during the summer months. However, if you are looking to rein in your spending, there are plenty of ways to cut your outgoings while the sun’s still shining. From the way you run your home during the summer months to getting boiler insurance for the winter ahead, here’s five ideas to get you started.

1. Cut your energy usage

This should be easy to do, with lighter nights and mornings meaning less need for using lighting. Warmer weather should also mean less need for your heating but don’t forget to run it every few weeks or so to keep it in good working order. Before switching on a fan, consider whether opening a window would be better. Try to eat colder meals more often to cut your usage of kitchen appliances.

2. Have a clear out

Summer is the perfect time to have a sweep of your home to decide what you need to keep and what could be sold at a garage or boot sale. You may well find that there’s more money tied up in those old bikes or clothes than you first thought.

3. Leave the car at home

Let’s be honest, there can be few more satisfying things to do in winter than drive past people standing at bus stops on cold and wet days during the winter. But when the weather clears up, consider ditching the car. Stroll to the station and get the train to work the cost of the ticket may well be cheaper than your daily parking. On your days off, go on a countryside walk rather than driving to a theme park. Not only will you save on petrol, you’ll also get a little fitter at the same time.

4. Get your insurance sorted

While you’re enjoying sunny days, don’t forget that the weather will have turned in a few short months’ time and you’ll want to be heating up your home again. So consider getting boiler cover in place this policy will cover you in the event of breakdowns, which can leave you seriously out of pocket when you least expect it. Some policies come with a complimentary annual service, which can help to ensure your heating is running as efficiently as possible.

5. Make do and mend

This old adage still rings true today, whether you’re sewing tatty clothes back together or getting your gadgets fixed rather than ditching them for a new piece of kit. If you must get rid of your mobile phone or laptop, sell them to a recycling service, which is as good for the environment as it is your wallet.



  1. Ya, summer really is the time to save. I completely concur with the above comment; in-season produce can save you money, is really good, and healthy!

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