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Summer DIY That Will Boost Your Bank Balance

Summertime is upon us and what better time to get all of the work that is needed around your home and garden done?

Not only that, why not benefit your bank balance as well by doing it yourself? Although many people cringe at the thought, it is surprising how many regular, but straightforward, maintenance jobs there are that you can easily carry out yourself.

Doing certain work yourself will not only save money on expenses, such as paying contractors, but will also add value to your property in the long term scheme of things.

Admittedly, materials, tools, cleaning products and garden items still have a cost, but by being astute and using a credit card for any necessary purchases, this can be kept to a minimum, particularly if you take out a 0% interest card and make a balance transfer.

Sale items and other bargains can be purchased throughout the year as they come up. Always use a credit card for payment, make a balance transfer as needed and there should be no interest to pay.

Some of the most common tasks, which are not only necessary, but can easily be carried out by anyone (with a little bit of forethought), are detailed below.

Outside: Routine maintenance of gardens including lawns, plant care, weeding, conserving and cleaning of decking, outbuildings or patios can easily be built into your weekly schedule. Perhaps think of it as exercise once a week to replace a potentially expensive trip to the gym?

Other outside maintenance, such as painting boundary fences, checking the function of gates, removing leaves or other debris from outside drains and all of the guttering around the house will certainly pay dividends when the weather turns sour. All of these tasks are worth doing bi-annually.

Filling/Painting: We are all guilty of ignoring fingerprints, grubby marks, scuffs and other minor damage which seem to appear on our walls as a result of every day living.

Imagine the cost of employing a professional decorator to carry out minor repairs and repaint just one room of your house. For the same amount, you could most likely do the same around the whole house.

Cleaning: Not suggesting for a minute that regular cleaning is not being done, deep cleaning is a whole new ball game.

It offers the opportunity for a really close inspection of your entire property, a time to spot tiny problems (such as minor leaks from pipe work) which could become serious if left unattended.

Drains: Even if not showing signs of blockage, drains need regular maintenance. Using a proprietary cleaning agent a couple of times each year can prevent expensive bills caused by unexpected build-ups.

Overall: Regular, thorough cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of your property are vital to maintain its optimum value. There is no need to be an expert in any specific field, just common sense and doing jobs you would maybe have considered employing others to do could save you a very worthwhile amount every year.



  1. Ugh! I have a DIY with our roof that’s been hanging over me for a while. We had a new roof (partial) that our insurance paid for after a bad storm but a portion of the house was left for *moi* to finish. This kind of stuff leads to me procrastinate to the enth degree.

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