Spread Betting on Football

Around four football matches a week are televised, and football is the fastest growing sport in gambling. Some spread trading tips for football are to always check the likely line-up of both teams, the predilection of the referee for brandishing cards and the weather – heavy pitches or windy weather can equalize the skill levels of teams.

Betting only on which team will win a football match is less popular in spread betting, than in fixed odds betting, but markets can still be found. Usually, a win gets 25 points, a draw 10 and a loss, zero. A more popular form of bet on football is a supremacy bet, where the bet is on the difference in goals between two teams. An example would be:

Liverpool/Man City: SELL 0 – 0.2 BUY

The favoured team is listed first. Here, Liverpool has a 0 – 0.2 advantage with their goal margin, so every goal scored by Liverpool is worth 0.2 less than every goal by Manchester City. If you believe Liverpool will win with a score of 3:1, you could bet a tenner per goal, which would earn you £18 if the result you predicted comes to pass. This is because two goals at -0.2 per goal is 1.8, and £10 was bet per goal. If Manchester were victorious and the game ended at 0:2, you would lose £22, which is more than your original stake and demonstrates the worst pitfall of spread betting. If the result were a draw, you would win the princely sum of £2: 0.2-0 is 0.2, which is £2 when multiplied by £10.

Another popular form of bet is total goals. Using the same teams as previously, you could see a spread of 2.8-3. If you buy at £10 once more and there are five goals altogether by the end of the match, you would win £20. This is because there were five goals minus three and you traded at £10 per goal, giving you £20. If there were only one goal, you would be waving a fond farewell to £20: 1-3 = -2, times £10.

Buying is, as always, more popular than selling as it is regarded as safer – and more exciting. If you buy or sell, you make more money the further the score is from the predicted spread. If you sell, you make the most profit when the number of goals is zero, and you would be hoping to see a rather boring match. Most matches in the English Premier League see goals and some teams have very few scores of 0:0. Spreads are often set to favor selling more as a result.

One advantage of spread betting over fixed odds betting is that you can claim your money at any point. If your preferred team were winning 2-0 and you thought the opposition might strike back and score, you could close your bet before this happened. You would not gain more if your team scored more goals, but you would also not lose more if things went the other way. You could also exit a trade if your team had an awful day.

Bets can be made on seasons as well as matches. There are usually no more than eight goals in a football match, and there are few games in a season where more than 10 goals are scored, so losses on spread betting on goals are limited. Other markets are for the total of the shirt numbers of the players who score goals, the number of corners and the number of bookings.

Spread Betting on Football

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