Some of the Most Fun Investments You Can Find

Are you that type of person that likes things to be high energy and exciting? In other words, would you rather read a book or attend a hockey game with front row seats? If you answered, “read a book” then this post might not be for you. If, however, you like to see action, then you might really enjoy this post. For the typical high-energy person, when they hear the word “investing” they roll their eyes and nearly fall asleep from boredom.

For most of the world of investments, yeah, you’re right. Things can get boring. Have you heard of bonds? For these, you buy a piece of paper and hold onto for many years before you can cash it in for a predetermined amount. It’s 100% boring! The same thing is true for Treasury notes or a high-yield savings account. These things just aren’t exciting. Sure, they might be great for your future, but there must be some investments that aren’t so predictable and boring right? You may not have really thought so, but you are right.

Investments That Don’t Make You Yawn

There are actually investments out there that won’t cause your eyes to droop with boredom. “So what are they already?” you nearly shout as you sit on the edge of your chair. Well, let’s get right into them!

  1. Small Cap Stocks – Do you know what small cap stocks are? These are companies that have gone public and are openly traded in the market, but they aren’t very large and for most of them, they are start-up companies with an uncertain future. Google was once a small cap stock, and so was Microsoft. If you were to invest in either of them back when they were small, you would be a very rich person today. Just remember if you invest in just one company, you are holding quite a lot of risk, so if you want to invest in these small cap stocks, it’s best to buy a wide variety of them, just in case one of them bites the dust.
  2. Spread bet – Have you ever heard of the spread bet? The name is a bit misleading because it’s not technically betting. It’s a high-risk financial investment. With spread betting, there is a bid price and an offer price. If you believe that the stock with increase in value and end up above the offer price, then you’ll wager your spread bet above that bid price. If you were right, you could be in for a nice return on your money.
  3. Invest in Your Own Business – This is one of my personal favorites. When most people think about investing, they wonder what company they should purchase shares of, but why not just start your own? If you have an idea that could fulfill a need, go for it! Your returns will be much better as an owner than as a shareholder. After all, as an owner, you know that you’ve started on the ground floor and have a chance to reap the full benefits of your initial investment.


Some of the Most Fun Investments You Can Find

Sweating the Big Stuff

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