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Six Ways to Watch Movies for Less

I don’t consider myself a film fanatic, but I watch my fair share of movies. However, I have friends who will go to see almost every movie that comes out. At $12+ per ticket , it can be really expensive to keep up.

If you love all things Hollywood, I’ve got six ways to save money:

Cut Costs At The Theater

Are you a student? Member of the military? A teacher? Work in public safety? Plenty of theaters have special discounts for these individuals, provided they can show identification. If that fails, check out a matinee – the crowds are smaller and you can save as much as 50% off the price of a ticket.

Stream Movies At Home

If you’re willing to be a little patient, you can watch movies for just a fraction of the cost of going to the theater. Whether you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or another type of service that lets you stream movies and TV shows, this is a great way to see the latest flicks, in many cases before they are available on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Check Out Your Local Library

If you’re a fan of classic Hollywood films, then you need to visit your library. Many branches offer video rental at no cost, but beware: you’ll pay a premium on late fees and may have shorter rental periods than you would with books.

Visit Used Book Stores

There’s a great used book store in town that sells all types of media: books, CDs, video games, movies, etc. I’ve found great deals on movies – classics and more recent releases – here, often 75% off retail price. Bonus if you have old movies to trade in for store credit!

Buy a VCR

Yes, this sounds a little out-of-date, but hear me out. The Goodwill store in my area has a large selection of movies on VCR, most for sale for a mere dollar – and I’m talking about some classic flicks! You can still buy a new VCR player for under $20, but I’d look for a used one first.

Score Discount Gift Cards

From time to time, flash sale sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer national deals on tickets to movie theaters; last year, I scored four tickets (normally $40) for $20 to Regal Cinemas. You can also check out discounted gift cards at sites like GiftCardGranny and PlasticJungle, where you can save up to 20%.

What are your favorite ways to save money on movies? Do you go to the theater, rent, or live stream your favorite films?



  1. This is great Daniel!

    I also know that you can stream movies to fancy TVs with an HDMI cable, and not spend 15 dollars on popcorn and a coke.

  2. I never thought about going to the library to look for movies to watch. That is great!!! I always try to look for ways to save money at the theater, specially at the concessions for snacks.

  3. I haven’t been to a theatre since last year. With 4 kids it is just too expensive. Although, we take full advantage of $1.00 movie showings in the mornings during the summer at the theatre.

  4. We were using netflix to stream movies but noticed that their selection was not as good as their dvd selection so we cancelled it. We just use red box now since it is only $1.27 per movie, or $1.59 for blu-ray.

  5. Oh the treasures you can find in your local libraries. :) And yes, streaming movies anywhere is really convenient. And cheap too.

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