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Shop Online and Make a Difference

As more and more people shop online and have items delivered to their homes, more and more sites have popped up that offer consumers coupon codes to save on their purchases. Some of these sites have varying success; they might offer a coupon code that works 50% of the time or less.

However, one new online coupon code savings site, Save1, is different. Not only do they test every code to make sure they are working (yeah, no more unsuccessful codes!), but they also donate a portion of the money they make when you use the coupon to feed the hungry.

If you don’t have a lot of money to donate but would still like to help others, Save1 offers the perfect win-win scenario. You get to save on your purchase by using a coupon code you know will work, and you get to help someone around the world get a meal and fend off starvation.

You can’t put a limit on how much you should give to charity, and when giving is this effortless, it’s a no-brainer.

Who Started Save1?

Save1 was started and is currently run by Joy and Todd Smith as well as two of their oldest children and their spouses. All of the families involved have a long history of working with the poor and starving. This family seeks to help others, and with Save1, it’s easy for consumers to donate while saving money when they shop online. Since consumers aren’t giving money out of their pocket, this is a perfect way to donate for people who want to help but don’t have much money to do so.

How Does Save1 Work?

To use Save1, simply type in the name of the store you’re looking to buy from or the product you would like to purchase. You’ll get results, if they’re available. Then, click on the small box on the right that says, “Use this offer.” You’ll receive the discount, and a portion of the commission Save1 receives from the company offering the promotion will go to Save1’s feeding partners to help feed those in need.

Who Are Save1’s Feeding Partners?

Save1 has several feeding partners that they work with including Action Against Hunger, Feeding America, Feed My Starving Children, and Project Peanut Butter. Thus far, Save1 has provided 93,263 meals to those in need thanks to consumers using the coupons from Save1’s site.

If you would like to receive a discount on your online purchases (who doesn’t?) AND help those in need, Save1 may be the perfect site for you to use, especially since all of the discount codes are tested and will work, unlike some codes found at other sites.



  1. This is the first time i am seeing this initiative, its good no matter whatever is the cause of coupons. Normally this could be a marketing tactic but in the end some good is going to poor people.

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