Sharing My Goals (Part I)

I am a big fan of Google and all their applications and services (all free!), so I try and use and learn about each service. Recently, I’ve gone through Google Tip Jar, which is “is a collection of money saving tips submitted and ranked by the web community.” There are several different categories to choose from, and people post their money saving tips and others vote on their favorites. I’ve noticed that most of the highly ranked tips are from popular personal finance sites such as The Simple Dollar, but the tips look pretty solid. The one that really resonated with me comes from Mike P. of Old Town, ME:

When you’re starting out with a new diet or workout routine, have an end goal in sight, but don’t work towards it in the beginning. Instead, create small, short term, achievable goals that will allow a sense of accomplishment once completed.

As part of setting goals for the rest of 2009 and beyond, I’ve realized that the best way to achieve your goals is to set small goals and work hard to reach them. If it takes too long to reach a goal, we often forget about them. If they are too broad, we don’t know which part to focus on.

I’ve had a hard time coming up with my first financial goals. Other than ‘saving money’ and ‘getting rich,’ I haven’t had much success in coming up with short-term goals that I can constantly have in mind so that I can impact my life in a helpful way.

Well, using thinking similar to the quote above, I have been able to think of some goals and I’d like to share them with you…tomorrow.

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