Saving Money During a Lockdown

As everyone knows, the biggest issue in the world right now is the threat of the virus. The disease has been spreading around the globe from country to country ever since it broke out in the city of Wu Han, China. That outbreak was announced towards the end of December 2019, and in the time that has passed since then, over 100 countries have experienced infections and over 9,800 people have had their lives taken by it.

This has led to people in some countries turning to panic buying and stockpiling of various foods and items, including toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, soap, milk and pasta. Supermarkets have had to take drastic measures in some cases so as to stop such madness from occurring. Of course, people will be spending more money than potentially they can afford in such circumstances. And it’s not only food and everyday items that are consuming money, but the fact that rent and bills need to be paid by us as well. So, how can you save up money during the lockdowns that are being placed on numerous countries?

Well, first of all, if you have partaken in panic buying, then this needs to stop immediately. Not only is it doing damage to your funds (with the potential for a portion of the food bought in mass amounts going to waste), but it’s also socially irresponsible. You’ll save a good amount of money by not stockpiling food, especially if it’s perishable food as well. Don’t forget, dairy products and fresh vegetables and fruit can’t really be considered as sustainable items to buy.

Redirecting Your Money Elsewhere

Granted, if you’re self-isolating or your country is in lockdown, then the likelihood is that you won’t be going out to the gym or visiting restaurants etc. Those locations would eat into your funds as a norm, and you can redirect the money to other places. Save some of it to contribute towards rent or mortgage payments. Perhaps you can also put some aside for paying your internet or phone bills, too.

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Alternatively, you may want to invest some of your money instead. While it’s true that the threat of the pandemic has smashed the stock market somewhat, there have been whispers claiming that now is a good time to buy. Of course, you should exercise caution with what you’re investing in. Keep in mind that even if a stock does decline, it will have to level out and potentially rise again at some point. Optimism will return to the stock market, and assets will once again increase in value. If you’ve entered into investments with the assets at a lower value, then the likelihood is that once everything gets back to normal, you’ll reap the rewards.

Saving Money During a Lockdown

Sweating the Big Stuff

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