Save More Than You Think With a Better Mobile Deal

Given that consumers use mobile phones for everything from surfing the internet, watching videos, calling and texting, having the right deal is becoming increasingly important. Today, there are many mobile networks to choose from, making it very hard to know if you are getting a great deal or not. So, what should you do to ensure you are getting the best deal?

Research Widely

Before looking for a new deal, identify your current phone usage. Whether you are on a contract, pay-as-you-go or a SIM-only deal, find out the average number of texts you send each month and the minutes used from your provider. If you exceed your free minutes, get a deal that offers higher monthly allowances. Depending on the amount you exceed with, choosing a different deal may not be cheaper, so you must do your calculations well. Underusing free minutes can actually help you save money if you choose to use a pay-as-you-go deal. Most networks list their prices online, and you can use the details to compare the cost with your monthly contract bill. Also, note that data can lead to high charges from your network. Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and other apps also use data. From your phone settings, find out which apps consume too much data and stop using them as much as you can. Your alternative would be to open the apps when connected to a Wi-Fi network as this could save you a lot.


Most handsets today are offered on a more expensive monthly contract. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the model you need, including the features you are going to use. Out of the handsets, you would like to have, check their analyses on mobile review sites and magazines. It can be a costly mistake to make a one or two year contract only to find the handset has irritating peculiarities.

Contract Commitment

Choosing a long-term contract can secure you cheaper monthly rates. Note that contract offers come up all the time and you could lose down the line if proper research is not conducted. Instead of working out monthly payments, identify your total financial commitment for the period of the contract. However good the deal of your contract, it is advisable to avoid on that is longer than 18 months as your circumstances could change. For instance, if you have to travel abroad, you still have to continue paying for the contract every month you are away.

Embrace Alternatives

While contracts are ideal for free text and call bundles, pay-as-you-go would be the best option for those who do not use their mobiles on a regular basis. It is very important to keep track of the amount you are spending every day on texts and calls, as it is easy to get into the habit of topping up your mobile and spending too much money. If your interest would be on receiving a contract deal that has free bundles but want to keep the phone you already have, it could be a great idea to consider a SIM-only deal. SIM-only deals are cheaper and are offered by all major networks. With a SIM-only deal, you can cancel your contract within 30 days of notice. With the many packages available, you can comfortably save money on your monthly bill.

Consider haggling

Mobile phone companies are willing to offer you a better deal if they suspect they are about to lose your business. Before attempting to haggle, find out what is available in the market. Once you have the details, quote them and make it clear that you are considering switching providers. The details you give should prompt your provider to offer a better deal. First, be sure to check on the timing of your call. If for instance, you are on a fixed contract, it will be necessary to pay a cancellation fee early. Otherwise, the contract could work against you when negotiating. However, if you have reached the end of your contract, you are in a better position to demand great deals from your provider. Other than a discount, you may be offered something else to stop you from leaving. However, if what you are after is a discount, do not be blinded by incentives.

Save More Than You Think With a Better Mobile Deal

Sweating the Big Stuff

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