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Save On Your Home Entertainment System Upgrade

I’m a fan of buying the newest technology as the next guy, but I am not always a fan of the costs. Here are some great ways to get that new entertainment system without breaking the bank:

1. Buy A New TV With Old Features

The top of the line features on TVs from just a few years ago are now incredibly cheap. If you don’t need a 3D television (and to be honest, who does?), you can get a large HD LCD television for just a few hundred dollars. If you have a slightly larger and want to take a step up, you can spring for an Internet enabled TV that lets you connect to your favorite apps and stream video straight to your TV.

2. Shop Online

My favorite is Amazon, but Overstock and WalMart always have cheap prices on surplus inventory and you can often snag home theater products at up to 50% off their retail prices. This includes Blu-Ray/DVD players, mounting supplies, and other video and audio accessories.

3. Buy a Refurbished System

A refurbished or factory reconditioned will be much cheaper since these systems were sent back to the factory and fixed. Usually they perform at the same level as a new TV, and they will be marked down by 30% or more. They also come with standard warranties so if  you get one of the unlucky systems that doesn’t function the same as a new TV, you’ll be covered.

4. Buy the Display Model

Those display models of televisions, Blu-ray players, and surround sound systems that you see at Best Buy can be purchased for the fraction of the cost of the same model in a box. Many of the newer display models are great because they are often still covered by the original warranty, so you aren’t even taking a bigger risk and you can still save a lot!

5. Prioritize

While we all want the best of the best, sometimes we have to give up a little something to get the whole package. Put the bulk of your money toward the item of most importance. If you’re a sports nut and want HDTV, go all out on the TV but realize you may have to give up a little on speakers.

Readers, how do you save on home entertainment upgrades?



  1. Good advice. I am like you, I enjoy having the latest and greatest, but I don’t like paying for it. We bought a new TV off of Amazon 2 years ago and it has worked out perfect for us. We ended up getting it about 50% off of retail cost just by going online. The days of heading to Best Buy and buying a new one off of the shelf for full price are over for me.

  2. Refurbished is almost always a good option; just make sure it has a warranty.

  3. Great tips! We love our electronics as well but have a limited budget for it. When we do buy, it is usually online as well as knowing when to shop for certain items before the new items get rolled out.

  4. Old model TVs aren’t bad. You should really ask yourself if youneed all those new features in those expensive ones.

  5. Never thought of getting a new tv with old features but it works. I just don’t buy things like electronics like I use to. With becoming more focused on savings and retiring plus the kids those things are less important. I would probably go with getting the display model or open box buy.

  6. When it comes to these things, I always look for an alternative of the branded stuffs. Alternatives are much more cheaper. I don’t buy used ones cause it might broke sooner.

  7. Great tips! I agree with Thomas @YourDaily Finance – perusing open-box items at Best Buy or online at Newegg is a great way to save money on electronics. Many times these items are the result of buyer’s remorse so there’s really no difference between them and the brand-new stuff on display. You can also purchase items at Target and Best Buy for the same price as you can find them on Amazon, since both brick-and-mortar retailers are offering price-matching.

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