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Save Money Automatically With Browser Add-Ons

I am not a coupon clipper, but I do like to save money before making a purchase. I recently bought tickets for a flight to and from Boston for a wedding. I checked prices regularly until prices dropped to what I was looking for, and bought. I didn’t spend too much time on it, just checked a few times a day for a week. I ended up saving over $200 (a mix of money and points earned from credit card rewards) by waiting for the price to drop, and spend well under an hour total searching, so it was well worth it to keep tabs on the prices.

Before I buy anything online, I always look for a discount. I just search the store name and the word ‘coupon’ to see what’s out there. I spend a minute, and if I can find something, then I just saved some money, and if I don’t see anything available, I go ahead and make the purchase. I’m looking for real savings, not a way to convince myself to buy.

Of course, technology again makes our lives easier. Now, there are two (and I’m sure there are others) browser add-ons that you can use to (nearly) automatically save money when checking out.


Instead of searching for a coupon code, the add-ons do all the work for you, and probably do it better. Before checking out, just click the honey button (next to where you would normally enter coupon codes) and honey looks at popular coupon code sites and goes through about 25 codes for you, one by one. It takes the one with the biggest savings for you, and voila! You’ve saved money (or not, if there’s nothing available, no harm done).

I did some testing with this and it found the same discounts I found myself, but with none of the effort. While it cycled through the codes, I went to another tab, and when I came back, it had the code entered for me. It was very easy:

Drawbacks: There were no drawbacks, but one time I found a better coupon code than it did. Maybe that was because it only tries 25 options and I had gone to the very bottom of the page to find mine, but the success rate was pretty good, I have no complaints about Honey and I highly recommend it.

Coupons at Checkout

Created by CouponFollow, Coupons at Checkout is similar to honey, but instead of cycling through the codes it can find, it highlights the promo code box and then presents a few codes for you to use. I tried it out at a few sites and it worked perfectly. Again, it didn’t find any special savings that I couldn’t find myself, but it took all of the hassle house of searching online and I had the best price within seconds.

Drawbacks: It takes a few extra moments to try the coupon code, but overall it’s a big time saver. Since there are only a few options, I was worried that maybe there were obscure coupons out there that it didn’t know about, but in my limited testing, it did seem to give the best price available.

Test Them For Yourself

You don’t need to rely solely on these add-ons yet. Just give them a chance and see how they compare to your current system, and if it consistently beats what you can find, make the switch. You’ll save a little time and you’ll know you’re getting the best discount possible, without any of the work. That’s about as automatic as it gets. These add-ons make the great experience of online shopping even better!



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