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Save $25 on a $75 Amazon Purchase With American Express

I don’t normally post deals, but this one is too good to pass up.

If you are an American Express cardholder, you can get $25 off a purchase of $75 or more on Amazon. If you don’t need anything from Amazon, you can still take advantage by buying an Amazon gift card (which you can load into your account for when you need it later).

To take advantage of this, you just need to take two easy steps:

  1. Enroll your card for this promotion at the American Express website.
  2. Make a $75 purchase on If you’re looking for Amazon credit to use later, buy an e-gift card here. (affiliate links)

Of course, make sure you use your American Express to make your purchase.

I took advantage of this because at 33% cash back, you’ll almost never find a deal this good for what is essentially cash (assuming you shop at Amazon, like many people do).

A few notes about this promotion:

  • Make a single purchase of $75 or more with your synced card at by December 31, 2013.
  • A statement credit should be issued within 90 days after 12/31/13.

Update: That was fast. The $25 statement credit has already been issued to my card!



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