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Samurai Alexa Challenge Update

I hope all of you read Financial Samurai’s post yesterday. I figured since the point of this challenge is to encourage each other and to grow as a group, not just individually, we should be spreading the love around more. I think that if we make the Alexa Rankings Challenge page a traveling page that can switch hands every two weeks and give lots of people a chance to host, we would be better off as a group. I’ve gotten a nice bump because of it and you will too! And who knows, maybe 6 months won’t be enough and we’ll want to continue the effort!

The time commitment is actually very small, especially because I spent several hours this week automating (almost) the entire process. Now, the rankings update automatically in the spreadsheet, and the work required is minimal (less than 30 seconds a day!) The big reason to automate is so that we can get daily updates, which aren’t delayed!

Once you are done hosting, your responsibilities don’t end there. After your week, you should take down the rankings but leave the page up with a link to the following week’s page.

Thanks everyone for your wonderful ideas and critiques. I love the feedback and I think we’ve made some nice improvements over the past week. I’ll keep it here for the next week until we see that everything is working smoothly and then we’ll start getting this page on a bunch of other blogs!

Also, congratulations to Planting Dollars on landing in the top 100 on Wisebread’s list! You’re motivation to the rest of us to keep going. Fiscal Fizzle, Monevator, MBA Briefs, and I are right behind!

If you’d like to host, shoot me an email: [email protected] and I’ll explain the process in a little more detail. Thanks!



  1. Hah, I saw that Planting Dollars was on page 1, but I wasn’t sure if I’d missed it by a day or two.

    Great work with this initiative Daniel, and your generosity with this new suggestion. Unfortunately I don’t know whether hosting will work on Monevator, since I don’t ever really do ‘blogosphere’ type posts, except for my weekend reading, and I don’t really want to alienate my loyal fan.

    (I know, I’m not a natural blogger!)

    But who knows, maybe. And I’m sure everyone else will bite your arm off! :)

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for the mention! Also congrats on getting over the 200k hump as well, you should be on the front page in a few days yourself.

    I’d be up for hosting the challenge for a week if you’re looking for anyone.

    Thanks again,

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