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Run Your Business Like You Run Your Finances

I was emailing back and forth with a reader and this came up:

“My work wants me to get a smartphone, which is great. They’re willing to pay for it, but are being such a pain. Instead of simply paying me $35 for the increase in cost of my current plan, they are making me get me a whole new plan, which costs around $75. What a waste!”

Um, yah! He’s not the only employee in this position, so the company is spending a ton of extra money on phone plans because of some silly bureaucratic practices.

The way I define saving is when you pay less for an item that you were prepared to pay for anyway. I am not impressed with people who get save $900 on a tv but spend $2,500 on it. How much you spend on an item is far more important than how much you save on it.

This reader’s situation is exactly what I call a waste. The company could get the plan for $35, but instead has rules that require it to pay a $40/month premium for each employee.

I’ve heard of people running their finances as if it were a business. In this case, it should be flipped. If businesses made saving a priority, there would a lot more waste.

Readers, what bureaucratic practices make you go crazy?



  1. My husband’s cell phone through his work was exactly the same. He has to pay 25 percent of the bill, but I could get a much better deal on his phone through our family plan than the ‘corporate plan’ that he has to abide by. I wonder who swings these bad deals on the company’s behalf?

    I also despise our health insurance that is through my husband’s work. We have to pay about 650 a month and the coverage is awful. I wish we had a greater variety of plans, but we are very limited.

  2. I’ve heard of this before. Seems kind of funny that businesses would want to spend MORE money on new cell phone plans rather than just adding to a plan. Not to mention some companies want you to carry around their cell phone and their personal phone. That would be a huge pain!

    • @Jenna, I know, right?? This person’s solution is to forward all calls to his work phone. With relatively few calls it’s not a problem (and if you’re on the same network), but piling a lot of extra minutes on would be!

  3. This is typical and so wasteful. To add a bit of levity, the Comedy Club I visited this week-end had a comic talking about how much cash his wife saves by shopping at Kohl’s, even though she spent $400, she saved over $900. The comedian went on to say at this rate they would have a new car soon with all the cash they were saving at the store! :)
    The point is, “what are you spending?”

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