Proof: Store-Brand Beats Name-Brand

Yesterday, we talked about how our thoughts affect our enjoyment of products. When we think something will be better, it is.

Our next step is to convince ourselves that store-brand products are just as good as name-brand products. We know that the brand of a medicine or a food item can have a big effect on the price. So if we can convince ourselves that the store-brand products are just as good, we can end up saving a bundle of money on everyday products.

Ok, ready for some proof?

Consumer Reports recently did a study comparing store-brand products to their more expensive counterparts. If you spend $100 each week on groceries, the savings add up to over $1,500 a year, so it’s a nice chunk of change. I argue that it’s not worth giving up quality, but some products will save you a bundle without having to sacrifice quality.

Also, an interesting note: Many of the companies manufacture both types of products, so in many cases, the products aren’t just copied, they’re nearly identical. Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look:

Of the 21 matchups in the Consumer Reports test, national brands won 7 matchups. The store brands won 3. If you’re thinking that the big brands are better, they are in these 10 cases. But in the remaining 11 cases, the store-brand and name-brand products were of similar quality.

So overall, consumers either had no preference or liked the store-brand products 14 of 21 times. 66% of the time isn’t so bad. If you are stuck in your ways, you’ll end up paying a lot more to get the better quality the remaining 33% of the time.

While store-brand products might not always beat out name-brand products, it looks like they are similar enough in quality so much of the time that it’s worth trying out the store-brand.

You should now be convinced that you’re not sacrificing quality to save and hopefully you’ll be the savvy shopper who saves more than the $1,500 Consumer Reports suggests.

Proof: Store-Brand Beats Name-Brand

Sweating the Big Stuff

8 thoughts on “Proof: Store-Brand Beats Name-Brand

  1. It’s easy to determine and always worth swapping if you like the store brand one. I just buy one of each and try them on consecutive nights…. I also pay attention to the nutrition too.

    1. @Forest, Nice point, the short term cost of getting two plus the risk of not liking one is still outweighed by the savings you’ll gain by continuously buying an equally good product for lees over and extended period of time.

  2. I’ve never been afraid to give the store brand a try, but there are a few where I just won’t go back. The name brand is sometimes better. I also find it’s usually *cheaper* since I shop sales & coupons. I can either get Del Monte vegetables for $.50 per can with a good deal or pay $.69 for the store brand.

  3. If you pair coupons with sales you can almost always get brand products for less then store brand. I have done a side by side comparison and have come up every time with brand name items being a lot less. If you spend $100 on groceries each week, you can easily get that down to around $25 a week and still eat healthy. Getting your produce, meats, fish, dairy.

  4. In terms of store brands Aldi is an incredible value. It’s not necessarily the best place to get fresh fruits or vegetables – go to a more traditional grocery store for that. But their canned goods, staples, juices, milk, and frozen goods are priced so low that they’re definitely worth trying. And while there are some things that my family doesn’t like, we save so much on the things that we do that I definitely recommend giving them a try.

  5. Couldn’t agree more. Store brands are the way to go these days. Often, I’ve noticed they’re a lot healthier too…without a lot of the junk that supposedly makes the stuff taste better…and you’ll find way more sales and deals on store brands as well…savings are unbelievable

  6. without a lot of the junk that supposedly makes the stuff taste better…and you’ll find way more sales and deals on store brands as well…savings are unbelievable

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