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What Promotional Products Will Appeal To Office-Based Workers?

While businesses attempting to sell their products and/or services to other companies should always target key decision-makers in their efforts to get orders, it’s also worth considering how they can increase brand awareness among an organization as a whole. A good way to do this is to offer promotional gifts that appeal to office-based staff.

Indeed, the distribution of promotional products has long been a popular technique for organisations of all sizes and across a range of industries to generate a buzz among a target audience, whether it’s new or existing clients.

According to studies from the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 69% of senior marketers deploy promotional items in their sales and marketing campaigns because they “target customers effectively”. Senior marketers like the fact that promotional merchandise provides a lasting reminder of a brand, call to action or particular marketing message.

They also like the fact that promotional products have a “low point of entry” – for example, 500 printed pens can cost less than $300 – and the fact that promotional items are relatively cost-effective (studies indicate that the “cost per impression” for promotional gifts is lower than other forms of offline advertising, such as TV and radio).

But which promotional gifts are best suited to office-based staff? Here’s a few options:

  • Pens – One product that will certainly be appreciated and used by office workers is pens. Distribute personalized pens that feature a call to action and a link to your firm’s website to entice visitors to your site – where they might browse your product range or register their details for an email newsletter.
  • Cups – Another common feature in any office are cups. Hot drinks are what keep many workers going throughout the working day (according to the UK Tea Council, some 60.2 billion cups of tea are drunk every year), which means promotional mugs and cups are likely to be well-received. Each time a person goes to make a brew using one of your printed mugs they’ll be interacting with your brand, even if they aren’t aware that they are doing it at the time.
  • Notepads – Despite devices like smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly popular in many offices, the traditional notepad still has lots to offer, whether it’s for taking down notes or recording phone messages and, unlike their high-tech counterparts, a paper notepad can’t suffer from a mechanical breakdown.

No matter which promotional items you choose to distribute to offices, it’s vital that you print your company’s logo, call to action and contact details on them. By having clearly visible contact details and a logo on your promotional gifts, you can be sure that recipients will remember exactly who provided the items in the first place and, as a result, should be inclined to think of you in a more positive manner.

These are just some of the products that a business can utilize to improve how it is perceived among office workers, but if you can think of any more please share your thoughts below.


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