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Presenting the Sweating The Big Stuff Prepaid Debit Card

The Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Suze Orman, and now Sweating The Big Stuff. You’ve been asking for it, so now you’ve got it!

I’ve been working on this for months to give users exactly what they want and need, so today I unveil the Sweating The Big Stuff Prepaid Debit Card!
Prepaid Debit Card
There’s a lot of information to get through, so let’s start! Please see the notes at the bottom of the post for clarification.


  • We report your usage to the major credit bureaus!*
  • Only costs $0.25 per transaction for you to use your money! On a $200 transaction, that’s just 0.125%!
  • Free to Refill**

*We do not actually report your usage to the major credit bureaus, but maybe we’ll consider it in the future if it means more money for us!

**As long as you refill from a linked bank account on Tuesday-Friday between 2am CST-6am PST.

What Makes This Card Different

Most cards aren’t endorsed by me or have a big nest egg with a sweatband on them. They’re so blah. Now you get to think of me each time you use your card! Plus, those other cards don’t help me financially, which is why I teamed up with myself to create something with my name on it!


There are however, SOME fees**, including:

  • $1 for pay by check
  • $2 per paper statement
  • $2 per over-the counter cash withdrawal
  • $2 per call to talk to a live customer service agent (after one free call per month)
  • $3 card replacement fee

***These fees are exactly the same as Suze Orman’s Approved Card

Sure you could just go to any branch of your local bank or credit union and have them set up a free checking account and give you a debit card with no fees, but where’s the fun in that? And more importantly, where’s the money for me?



  1. Sign me up. I was tired of saving money in fees and totally want to donate that to you. :-) Great April Fool’s post!

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