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What Percentage Of Medical Cannabis Is Grown Indoors?

Many people who order medical cannabis from a cannabis delivery company don’t know if their pot is grown indoors or out. Some don’t even care, but it’s a good idea to know where your medicine comes from and how it gets to you. There are differences in medical marijuana that’s grown indoors and outdoor; differences in quality, price and sustainability.

How Much is Grown Indoors?

You might think it’s more logical to grow a plant outdoors in the sunlight, but there’s a viable market for marijuana that’s been grown indoors. Outdoor medical cannabis makes up about two-thirds of all cannabis grown for medicinal purposes. Which means, roughly 33% is grown inside, usually using complex and expensive equipment to produce a product that can compare to what Mother Nature would help deliver.

Why Is Marijuana Grown Indoors?

Cannabis has traditionally been grown outdoors. It’s one of the oldest agricultural crops ever to exist and it has had a long history of medicinal use. We didn’t see indoor cultivation of marijuana until about a century ago, and the effort was made primarily because of prohibition and a desire to skirt the law. The biggest advancements in marijuana production are a result of indoor growing, and we can now use controlled climates to produce a product that compares in many ways to that grown outdoors.

Indoor vs. Outdoor?

There are many benefits to growing marijuana indoors as opposed to outdoors. More freedom to pick a location for cultivation is one, as is complete control of the environment. Temperature, lighting, C02 and humidity can all be dialed in to precisely the right level, creating a stable habitat for growing optimal plants. But, there’s no light bulb that offers the identical light spectrum of the sun, which means indoor gardens are limited and produce less vigorous plants.

Outdoor production requires good sun exposure, warm nights, hot days and low humidity. But, it’s less costly. Growers have many factors to consider when coming up with a quality product for medical marijuana users. Green Door West knows the top growers and only offers products that are the best, whether cultivated indoors or out. Our cannabis delivery company sells premium organic marijuana, including flowers, concentrates and edibles. We’re a special cannabis delivery company bringing the best products to patients throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


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