How to Improve your Credit Limit

What many people don’t realize is that there are steps you can take to increase their credit limit. A credit limit is the limit you have on a credit card that you can spend. Increasing it is just that, making the amount that you can spend larger. Doing this can have many benefits but also some negatives. Obviously the larger credit limit gives you the ability to spend more and have more spending power which leads to a decrease in your credit utilization rate. A lower utilization rate can boost your credit score which is the goal of many people. 


So what exactly are the recommended steps to accomplish this?

Be rewarded for responsible behavior

Lenders often increase credit limits automatically for responsible use of the account. Basically if you use your card often, don’t carry a large balance by paying it off quickly or often than you could set yourself up for an automatic increase. By these actions, the lender will assume you can handle the higher limit and will continue to act responsibly. 

Online Request

There are sites, specifically associated with your bank, that you can go on to initiate an increase. By keeping information that could affect your credit up to date you may get an increase. For example, if you have a pay increase or change in your income than you may want to update this information with the bank so that it may have an effect on your credit

Make a Phone Call 

Besides going online and trying to update your information, it may be easier to make a phone fall. Having a conversation with a human being is sometimes more effective. You can literally call your bank and ask a representative for an increase. If they can’t help you right away, they may be able to assist in telling you how you can accomplish the increase.

Get new credit

Besides trying to increase your existing forms of credit, you can try to establish new credit with a higher limit. If you think your credit score may have improved than you should apply for new credit. Look for offers in the mail and apply to see if they offer you a higher limit.


Making these steps may seem to be a great idea but it is important to do it at the right time. You really can’t ask for an increase if you have a bad rapport with the creditor. So when is the right time?

The rule of thumb when it comes to asking for an increase is that you have to be in a good spot with the creditor or lender. If you improve on any aspect of your life where they may want to hear about it because it would affect your credit then it may be a good idea to do. For example, if you get a new job where you are making more money and can afford more than that may be something they want to know something about. An increase in income can affect your credit limit.

Just like with running your credit, you can’t over ask for limit increases. Every time you ask for this and pull your credit report then the lender can see it. This can lead them to believe you are desperate and may raise a red flag. It is important for you to wait in between each request. 

You need to consider your timing. A credit score increase most likely means a credit limit increase. This is great but you need to think about your future financial plans. If you are aware of any large purchases coming up then you may want to use your good credit score for the purchase (like a car or house). It is always smart to think ahead.


There are tradelines companies that offer their help in increasing your credit for a fee. They improve credit utilization automatically. If you are unsure or unsuccessful at doing it on your own you may want to try using their assistance.  One recommended company is coast tradelines.

Popular Mobile Games To Help You While Up Time

You might need a small break from your online casinos gaming, but that does not mean you have to give up the whole concept of gaming. The good thing is that there are a lot of games that you can play on your mobile phone.

Therefore, this article is going to be giving you some of the fun options that you should definitely try out this year.

Candy Crush Saga

If you have a sweet tooth then this game will give you the satisfaction that you need while making and playing around with candy. Candy Crush Saga found its way to mobile gaming in 2012. Since then there are a lot of variations that come with the same gaming concept.

 Initially, candy crush was made for Facebook. Later, it grew into the different android and iOS systems. The game has so many levels that you can play and no one really knows the last level of this exciting game.

Angry Birds

This game is so fun that it has its very own movies, shops, animations and so many more.  Angry Birds was developed by Rovio Entertainment back in 2009 for iPhone users. However, it later became available for other mobile versions as well, just like other casinosnz casino online games.

After that, there have been a lot of variations of the movie that you can also enjoy. For example, you can go on and play Angry birds 2, Angry birds Rio, and so many more. If you have not tried it out you are long overdue, go ahead and start downloading now!

Temple Run

If you are into mystery and action then you have to download Temple Run. The best part is that it comes with different variations as well. Therefore, if you run out of lives in one, you can easily switch to the next variation.

However, the original version was created by Imangi studios back in 2011. It has also won the Kids’ Choice Awards for Favourite App. But, do not worry, adults can play it too!

Books About Travelling

There are times when you want to travel but cannot for some reason or the other. So, to help you feel better we have a few books and  french casinos about travelling and entertaitment that will be able to give you that same feeling about travelling without you having to go anywhere. And as long as you can picture the scenes and the places that the books describe in your mind’s eye you should be able to travel to worlds unknown as you flip through the pages of the following books.

Best Books About Travelling

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is one of the most read books of all time. The book follows the adventures of a young shepherd as he travels from Spain to Egypt. We follow the young shepherd trusting his gut and going with the flow. And in this book, you will also be able to get some very interesting quotes as well. And through the pages of the book you be able to see the world from a new perspective.

Love With a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

This book talks about how the writer overcame her fears of sailing the seas as she went sailed across the pacific with her boyfriend. And if the sea is where you long to travel and go see one day, this book will be able to take you there within just a few moments of reading it.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

This novel was written in 19547 but it is still quote fascinating. It follows the main character of the novel as he leaves from New York City and heads west, riding rails and making friends along the way. And as he travels, he gets to see the world for what it really is, a magnificent place that manages to mould him into better person with each passing day. We are sure if there where online casino games at time, the character would be playing them to as he is along the road.

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