Harrison Funding Reviews & Frequently Asked Questions

Credit. It seems like a nice thing – until it isn’t. You start off using your credit cards to build credit and buy things you need or want, but then something happens. You start spending frivolously, make a big-ticket purchase, or run into trouble with your finances, and things go downhill. Payments are missed, late fees and penalties are applied, and the account is out of control before long. Short of filing bankruptcy, companies like Harrison Funding are there to provide financial relief. 

Debt Consolidation with Harrison Funding

Harrison Funding

What is Harrison Funding? It’s a debt consolidation firm that assists interested parties in “refinancing” their credit card accounts. The team of financial experts has helped several people get their debt under control. Their services allow clients to save money, improve their credit, and develop healthy financial habits that get debts paid off faster. 

Debt Consolidation: What Is It? 

The debt consolidation meaning is relatively simple. It is the concept of lumping several high-interest, high-balance credit cards into one monthly payment with lower interest rates. Depending on your financial status, credit rating, income, and personal preference, there are several ways to consolidate or reduce your credit card debt. 

Balance transfer cards are credit cards offered to qualified individuals with a 0% APR for a duration of 12 to 18 months. You can transfer balances from high-interest credit cards to the new one. This concept allows you to save money on interest and pay more towards your principal balance. If you don’t have good credit or can’t repay the balances within the promotional period, balance transfer cards may not be ideal. 

Home equity loans or borrowing from your retirement accounts is another way to consolidate debt. You’d receive a large sum of money to pay off your credit cards. Though this option does seem like the fastest way to get your balances back to zero, it is not the best method for everyone. Should you stop making payments on your home equity or retirement loan, you could lose your house or incur significant tax penalties and fees. 

Another option is to apply for a debt consolidation loan. These are low-interest loans that cover the balance of your high-interest credit card accounts, giving you a more structured way of repaying your financial obligations. If you read reviews on Harrison Funding, you’ll see that this option works for individuals who are having a hard time managing their debt alone. 

Is Debt Consolidation Even Important? 

Debt consolidation is essential to an individual’s financial and emotional well-being. Allowing credit card balances to accumulate for years has several consequences. Consumers who don’t get their debts under control have a poor credit history, cannot apply for credit or loans, and run the risk of being sued, having their wages garnished, and personal effects repossessed. Essentially, restructuring your debt allows you to avoid these adverse outcomes and repay financial obligations when other tips to pay off debt aren’t as effective. 

What Are The Benefits of Debt Consolidation? 

Why is debt consolidation something you should consider? The benefits are straightforward:

  • Save money on interest rates.
  • Manage debt payments easier (with one monthly payment)
  • Pay off your debt faster by eliminating high-interest and paying more towards the principal balance. 
  • Relieve the emotional overwhelm of juggling too much debt

Does Debt Consolidation Affect Your Credit? 

The road to rebuilding your credit can take time. Depending on the type of debt consolidation strategy you choose and your ability to keep up with payments, it can have a negative or positive impact on your credit rating. 

Applying for a balance transfer card, line of credit, personal, retirement, or home loan will require lenders to place a hard inquiry on your credit report to determine your eligibility. This can cause your credit score to drop temporarily. 

Balance transfer cards are ideal for those with good credit, but you must be mindful of your debt to income ratio. By transferring all of your balances to one card, the amount available for use is reduced significantly. Consequently, your credit score will drop until you get the utilization rate under 30 percent. 

Settling your accounts either through negotiations or by working with a debt management agency can also have an impact on your credit score. Since you’re not paying the balance in full, it will reflect negatively on credit reports. 

On a positive note, if you stay committed to your payment arrangements and repay the loan or credit card in full, each of these methods can positively impact your credit. 

Why Consider Harrison Funding? 

With so many debt consolidation firms out there, you may be wondering why Harrison Funding is the best choice. As you can see from reading Harrison Funding reviews, the agency is willing to go the extra mile when other financial institutions aren’t. Their agents are skilled in credit card debt consolidation and will use this to get you the most affordable option available to get your life back on track. 

Applying For Debt Consolidation With Harrison Funding

Are you interested in learning how to apply for Harrison Funding today? Simply visit the company website and complete a short form. You’ll need to have basic information like your credit card balances, payment amounts, and income information to complete the application. After carefully reviewing your information, a representative will reach out to get more specific. Based on what the agent learns, they will provide you with options to consolidate your credit card debt. You select the option that is most affordable for your financial circumstances. 

Many people have found themselves in a jam that led to the mismanagement of their credit card payments. While strategies like paying more than the minimum, cutting back on spending, earning more money, and negotiating with creditors can work to resolve the matter, sometimes it isn’t enough. Applying for Harrison Funding may be the best solution to dig you out of trouble in those instances. As long as you’re a responsible borrower and make timely payments, you’ll eliminate credit card debt, improve your credit, and put yourself on the path to financial freedom.

What to Do When your Child Won’t Stop Sucking their Thumbs

When your child starts sucking their thumbs, you might first think that it’s cute. When kids are young, it is an entirely acceptable form of dealing with teething, calming themselves, and coping emotionally. But after a while it begins to become a bad habit, children need to learn new ways to cope with the world and their emotions. Typically you don’t need to worry if your kid has their teeth coming in, but beyond that you should make sure to stop your children from sucking their thumbs. Not only can it emotionally stunt them, thumb sucking has physical consequences.

Emotional Growth

In addition to the ridicule your child may receive from kids their age, thumb sucking can cause some problems with emotional growth. Since thumb sucking is one of the first coping mechanisms babies used to overcome their first challenges, they need to stop the habit to develop new ones. It is integral for your child to become emotionally independent and work through their emotions. Thumb sucking makes them calm, but it doesn’t help their emotional growth. It can also be a sign of addictive behaviors. It is important to gradually get them to stop, or they will also have physical problems.

Physical Consequences

The physical consequences of thumb sucking are significant. First it can cause a speech impediment, which leads to more teasing from peers. Then it can cause skin problems—irritation, ingrown nails, cracking, and callusing. These are just the beginning. If your child sucks their thumbs longer than they should, it can cause dental issues.

The biggest problem for the teeth that thumb sucking can cause is malocclusion. Malocclusion is when the teeth are misaligned and directed outwards. It comes in the form of an open bite, meaning both rows of teeth are outward. With an open bite, the teeth don’t touch even if the mouth is closed. The other is an overbite, which is when just the top teeth are pointed outwards. Either way, both conditions can require dental care and may not be fixed if the thumb sucking has gone on long enough.

What to Do

There are a variety of ways to gradually get your child to stop thumb sucking. First, if the child is very young you can substitute a pacifier. While a pacifier isn’t that great either for your child’s development, it is a good way to get them to stop sucking their thumbs. Have them suck on the pacifier for a specific amount of time. If they continue to suck their thumbs right after, you should return to it for longer. If your child is one-year-old or below, use this method.

If your child is a bit older, more drastic measures should be taken. A lot of parents use socks to cover their children’s hands at night, but you can also take a look at the many products designed to do the same thing. One thing you should check out is a Thumbsie review. This product is a cloth that wraps around the wrist and covers the thumb so the child can’t suck it. It can make the difference because not only will it avoid the skin problems that can come from thumb sucking, a lot of children get bored of it and move on. That is the goal here. If your child can’t stop, try one of these.

A more extreme solution for older children who really need to stop thumb sucking is to buy specifically-designed nail polish. A bitter nail polish prevents children from sucking their thumbs because it tastes really bad to them. Kids don’t develop the bitter part of their palate until they get older so they will react very negatively to it and stop sucking their thumbs.

Finally, if you’ve tried everything and simply can’t get your child to stop sucking their thumbs you could get them a psychological evaluation to make sure they are developing at the proper rate. While thumb sucking can lead to emotional problems in the future, it can also be a symptom of stunted growth early on in life. You can have doctors and dentists tell your child why they need to stop sucking their thumbs, which could also help. The point is, if your child is still using the bad habit it is time to get them to stop.

5 Sustainable Products That Will Actually Save You Money

When people talk about sustainable, eco-friendly, organic, or zero-waste products, most of us almost immediately think in the back of our heads that this means a higher price tag. After all, we know what happens during a trip to Whole Foods (or, as some people call it, Whole Paycheck): purchasing the organic, sustainably harvested version of food produce seems to really jack up the total on the receipt. 

This goes for household items, clothing, bathroom accessories, and all other kinds of products, too. 

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Careful, discerning consumers can have their cake and eat it, too, by purchasing sustainable products that benefit local farmers, small businesses, and artisans while also staying on budget.

The following is a list of five everyday household items that you can purchase sustainably and frugally. 

Zero-waste floss

Floss isn’t something people typically think of when discussing eco-friendly, zero-waste store bought items but there are a lot of floss products out there and many of them are just plain wasteful. Wasteful in two ways, actually: a waste of your money and wasteful in terms of the non-sustainable materials that will end up in a landfill somewhere. 

Do you ever stop to think about all the floss you’ve ever used in your life, laying in an endless pile of refuse? Yeah, not a pretty image. 

Eco friendly floss, on the other hand, doesn’t come in plastic packaging and is completely biodegradable. The silk floss offered by Seek Bamboo, for example, is made from all-natural, vegan candelilla wax that is actually stronger and healthier for your gums than most mainstream floss.

And the best part of all, this dental floss is not only sustainable, it is totally inexpensive.

Fair trade fashion

Clothing and fashion garments can really zap your wallet if you’re not careful. But in recent years, there has been a surge of sustainably made, fair trade fashion lines that are extremely reasonable in terms of price. 

For example, the brand People Tree has partnered with fair trade clothing producers to offer ethical fashion apparel for 25 years. Their garments source organic cotton and eco-friendly materials. And they are totally affordable for frugal consumers who want to look good and support responsible companies. 

Stainless steel water bottle

If you’re still buying plastic bottles of water everyday, you should immediately rethink this practice. Single-use plastics are a huge drag on the environment. Instead, get a stainless steel water bottle that you can reuse for years. This one decision alone could keep pounds upon pounds of plastics out of the oceans and natural habitats. Not only that but you can ensure you drink fresher water – AND, it’s much cheaper than spending five bucks a day buying plastic water bottles. 

Organic face cleanser

People are pretty particular about their face products, which is why it’s totally nuts that so many people use non-organic cleansers everyday on their faces. Affordable products like Avalon Organics use antioxidant rich ingredients that are vegan and biodegradable and packaged using recyclable, sustainable post-consumer content. Remember, you have to think about not only the product itself but the material it is sold in. 

Reusable straws

Straws have become a kind of humorous icon in the culture wars recently, but there may be no item that so perfectly represents the unsustainable use of superfluous plastic products in our consumer world. 

According to National Geographic, Americans use approximately 500 million plastic straws…every day. Another study related to beach pollution estimated that there is something like 8.5 billion plastic straws out there in the sand. This has led to some cities and companies to ban plastic straws entirely. Other companies have invested in reusable straws that use anything from stainless steel to bamboo.

If you use straws frequently, you can buy chic reusable straws that are incredibly cheap, stylishly collapsible, and eco-friendly. Some of them can even be folded inward and attached to keychains.

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