Going Green in the Business World

Many big businesses have been advertising ways they are going green. This is a great strategy. Sustainability is a hot-button topic in today’s world with the constant pressure of rising global temperatures. Many people want to support businesses that are kind to the environment because they feel they cannot or are not doing enough for the environment on their own. Not only is going green good for your business’s press, but it is just a good thing for a business to do. Big businesses make the most pollution world-wide, but that means that they can make the biggest difference, too.

Going Green Saves Green

Going green can also save your company green. Various tax deductions are offered to businesses when they institute green practices. Depending on the type of business you run, such as a C corp vs S corp, you could save a good amount of money in taxes by changing small things in how your business is run. The more you change, the more tax deductions are available to you or your business. If you start immediately, you can achieve these deductions on next year’s tax return.

Start in the Workplace

A good place to start is making small changes in the workplace. Switching the light bulbs in your place of business or insulating your building to a higher degree can save money and electricity while helping the environment. There are plenty more small, green changes you can make in the factories or business places at your company to make a difference in energy consumption and global warming.

Think Recycling

Also, companies that produce products can bring recycled materials to make their goods. For instance, a restaurant could purchase 100% recycled utensils and carryout bags for customers. This would help the environment and encourage more purchases. Purchasing something sustainable just makes a customer feel good about the purchase and makes the customer more likely to come back in the future. There are a lot more examples from Forbes of companies making a facet of their company more sustainable and attracting a lot more customers. Any extra price for getting these items would soon be forgotten as more customers arrived to buy for the planet.

Ship Items Strategically

Finally, an easy way to help the environment out is to ship strategically. Some companies are beginning to hold an order until all the items are prepared and ship it together to save the gas and energy wasted on the second, third, or even fourth trip. In the past, the strategy has been to deliver whatever was ready to get the product to the customer as quickly as possible and get a good customer service rating. As people start to focus on global warming, they are much more open to waiting for their order. 

Companies could also wait until there is enough product to fill a truck to deliver to a specific place. For instance, if they have orders for Michigan, instead of driving a truck to the nearest shipping station and giving them new orders to ship every week, they could wait a month and do strategic shipping.

An Earth-Friendly Business

Still, some companies aren’t sold. Big business has a habit of focusing solely on money. One of the biggest issues customers have when interacting with businesses is how inhumane they are. They become blind to the customers that supported their rise to the top and forget about issues that matter to them, such as climate change. Now would be the perfect time for big businesses to practice their humanity, not just for the good press or increase of customers, but because it is the right thing to do. Changing business models to be more green and Earth-friendly is the right thing to do. Many customers would appreciate it.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to help the environment, and, big or small, all companies need to help out. To be frank, there is no way individual families working towards being more sustainable will be able to cause enough change when companies that produce and ship items every day contribute to waste, pollution, and energy consumption. Companies need to work towards change, not just to look good, but to do right by the environment.

COVID-19 and the Lending Industry: Negative Impact and Projected Solutions

It was in December 2019 when the spread of COVID-19 began. With cases continuing to rise, it has started to cripple the economy. The pandemic negatively impacted the financial industry, most notably the lending sector.

Up to this day, it is still unknown when this pandemic will end. As its negative effect continues to impede the operation of lending companies, financial analysts had already made a plan to help the industry rebuild when all of this chaos is over.

The Negative Effect It Brought

Personal loan demands have reduced ever since the outbreak started, combining with the significant decline of credit supply from all lenders across the board. The decrease in loan demands is thought to be the result of job insecurity and doubt in the economy.

The product and services that personal loans were mostly used for became unnecessary as the outbreak continuously wreaked havoc on our economy. This became a factor in why there’s a decrease in loan demands.

One of the challenges the lending industry is facing today is the repayment issues resulting from the government’s plan to contain the outbreak. Many people have lost their jobs after governments worldwide imposed a lockdown for everyone’s safety.

Business owners who borrow money from lenders ceased their operations, which led to repayment struggles. As this issue continues, lending companies are losing a large amount of money every month.

All of these reasons, along with other factors hampering the operation of lending companies, place the industry in a recession that is estimated to continue until the COVID-19 problem is resolved. Until then, the industry will have to wait and endure the impact COVID-19 brings.

How They Plan to Recover

Questions have begun circulating. “Will the economy bounce back sooner as the COVID-19 pandemic ends?”

According to some economists, the answer is yes, especially if the economy was strong before the pandemic started. It would not be difficult for the economy to recover when the operations of businesses finally return to normal.

The same goes for the job sector. The moment businesses resume their operations, people will also get their jobs back, which in turn would be good for the lending industry. Repayment issues will be fixed as borrowers can finally continue repaying out their loans.

But the most critical question remains: “How would the lending companies recover from months of loss?”

Based on the recovery China achieved after announcing that they have zero COVID-19 cases, economists are very optimistic that other countries can recover using the same strategy used by the country.

The debate between the V-Shaped” and “U-Shape” recovery strategy began due to China’s quick recovery. It is said that V-Shape recovery would be the best-case scenario, where the economy undergoes a steep fall but recovers quickly.

However, the more the virus spreads out extensively, the more the hope for the V-Shape recovery slowly vanishes. If this continues, the economy might have a slower recovery rate.

Both “V” or “U” shaped recovery would be impossible, as per Mark Zandi, Moody’s Analytics’ chief economist. He stated that it would probably look like a “Nike swoosh” than a V or U. The economy will find it difficult to recover due to the widespread impact of the pandemic.

The first month of being free from the coronavirus will be difficult since many borrowers might still be unable to repay their debts even after gaining back their employment status. Many will likely prioritize other necessities than paying off their loans.

Lending companies, on the other hand, may operate, but repayment from borrowers is expected to be still at its minimum. Every individual will be in recovery mode for the first few months, paying utility bills, and debts acquired before and during the pandemic in a slow but stable process.

Compound interest is also one of the ways lending companies can cope with the loss during the lockdown. Accumulated interest from loans that are not paid throughout the lockdown is expected to be paid when the business re-opens.

As of now, lending companies are using technology to cater to their borrowers’ needs without putting their lives at risk. Online applications for loan and online repayment plans are helping the lending companies continue their operation amidst the pandemic. This approach is the only way lending companies can survive the recession. However, repayment is expected to be lower due to the unemployment status of the majority of its borrowers.

As of now, seeing China’s economy bounce back stronger like it was before is the only hope economists see. Businesses all over the world, including the lending sector, have already resumed their operations, although with safety measures included. However, despite the restrictions, safely continuing operations can jumpstart our journey to recovery.


Financial analysts are looking to find a solid plan for recovery that the entire world can utilize.  Planning the economy’s recovery ahead of time will give us an advantage when everything finally goes back to normal. As of the moment, the most important thing everyone should focus on is the safety of each individual. Putting an end to the pandemic must come first before we can start healing our economy.

A Few Top Tips That Will Help When You’re Playing Online Slots

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Slots are the most popular game at pretty much every online casino you can find, with plenty of great and varied titles giving you the chance to have some fun at your favorite gambling sites.

But while fun is the key to a good slots session, the object of these games is to win some cash and it’s not as much fun if you fail to achieve this objective.

I’ve given you three top tips that will help you to have more fun when you’re playing online slots. All you have to do is read them, understand them, and then put them into practice.

Play games for real money

What am I saying when I talk about playing real money games? It’s simple – you play games that win you cash, not casino credit or a pat on the back from yourself.

One of the main reasons to play slots for real money is that it puts some cash in your back pocket. However, perhaps the most powerful justification for doing this is that it’s a more competitive way of gambling, as you’ll take more care over your bets.

I recommend that you look for the best real money slot sites. If you read this full report then you’ll find the top ones, those that have the most games, best titles, and finest offers. You can then pick the games you like and test your skills by wagering your own cash on them.

Look out for free spins offers

Free spins give some free plays to use on great online slots games, allowing you to try them out without spending your own money.

The great thing about free spins offers is that they let you practice without wagering your own cash, but still give you a chance to win cash. This is ideal for new gamblers, as it gives you the opportunity to decide if a slots game is right for you before settling down for a long session.

A key thing to remember with free spins offers is that they come with wagering requirements. They work like this: if the offer is for 100 free spins and it has a wagering requirement of 10x then you need to bet 1,000 spins before you can withdraw your winnings.

Be aware of slot game payouts

Slot game payouts are your chances of winning when you’re playing a slots game and they’re represented as RTP (return to player).

It’s super important to know what the RTP is for a game because it tells you if it’s worth you spending your money on a game. This helps you to separate the slots are a good investment of your time from those that are a bit of fun, but not necessarily the wisest use of your cash.

RTP is shown as a percentage and I’ll explain its value using the example of a slot with a 99% payout. £99 of every £100 wagered on this game is returned to players over time. Now, you may get back more than £99 or you may receive less (slots are about chance). However, this is a good base level for understanding your chances of winning at the game.

Recommended reading: How To Beat The Odds At The Casino

Playing games for real money, looking for free spins offers, and being aware of payouts are the three key tips to keep in mind when playing online slots.

They will help you to make good use of your cash by betting on games you have a chance to win some real money and get value from your bets.

But they aren’t the only top tips I have for you. You should also remember that slot games are all about chance and that you can practice by playing free titles.

Put all these tips into practice and you’ll have plenty of fun playing slots and may just win more than you wager on your betting sessions.

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