I Overspent on Black Friday. On Purpose.

On Thanksgiving, after we came home from lunch/dinner, we plopped ourselves down on the couch and whipped out our computers to see if there were any deals. We weren’t simply perusing to see if there’s anything we wanted (that’s a sure-fire way to spend money you didn’t intend), rather we had a list of things we had been wanting to buy and now that they were on sale, we needed to find the specifics.

Buy One, Get One 50% Off

First up were a pair of running shoes for me. The ones I’ve been using have over 500 miles on them, well past their expiration date. I found some decent Nike running shoes, and since there was a sale, I could get another pair of shoes at 50% off. How could I say no to that? So I found some casual shoes I could wear to work and out with friends. The shoes I currently wear to work have gotten a lot less comfortable and are about 18 months old now, so I’m due for an upgrade. And with a standing desk I occasionally use at work, comfort is key. So for $75, I got both pairs of shoes.

I Found A Better Pair Of Shoes

Of course, about an hour after I ordered my shoes, I found a significantly better pair of running shoes which are normally $150 for just $25. I couldn’t turn that down, so I bought those, figuring that even if I returned the original pair of Nikes, my would be $75 for running and casual shoes, but for a better product. I knew I’d have to make one trip to the store to return, but there are worse things.

Buying Extra For Free Shipping

Next up were some button down shirts to wear to work. Nothing ever seems to fit me, so I try and get the slimmest shirts I can, and even those are sometimes too big on me. I found two similar shirts from two different brands. I hoped that one of them would fit and I’d return the other one. Only $20 per shirt, plus a healthy 15% discount. But to get free shipping, I needed to spend over $50. So I added the same shirt to the cart to get over the limit, knowing that I was already committed to returning a shirt to the store. If returning a second shirt meant not having to pay the $7 shipping, why not?

Cheap iPhone Chargers!

Finally, I found a deal for 4 iPhone chargers. We just upgraded Lauren to the 5S, which suddenly meant that all her old phone chargers were useless. I found 4 knockoff iPhone 5 chargers for just $4.98 including shipping. Now we won’t have to fight over chargers and we’ll always have one when we need it.

I Overspent And I Liked It

In all, I spent $164.42 between Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. All from my couch. However, I’m already committed to returning at least $64 of it. If none of the shirts fit well, they’ll all get returned, and if I don’t love the casual shoes I got (Lauren liked them more than I did, so we’ll give them a shot), I won’t keep them either.

In all, I’m very happy with my purchases, but don’t feel like I overspent. I’m going to be returning a large portion of what I bought and got a great price on what I did pull the trigger on. And overspending and returning in order to get a discount? That’s fine by me.

I Overspent on Black Friday. On Purpose.

Sweating the Big Stuff

3 thoughts on “I Overspent on Black Friday. On Purpose.

  1. The only thing I went out and bought on Black Friday was an extension of my gym membership. For $99, I got a six month extension. To show how much of a discount that was, I paid $90 for four months when I first signed up.

    1. That’s a really cheap membership. I’m going to start looking for a cheap membership at a local gym for my wife as her existing membership is at her graduate school, which she won’t be going to the next year.

      Now is probably the best time to be looking, but I’ll only consider something that has no activation fee. I’m not looking to pay $99 just for the right to get a membership with them.

  2. I overbuy to get free shipping quite a bit. Landsend usually has free shipping on orders over $50. So even if I’m only buying one thing, I but another item to get to the $50 mark then return the one I didn’t need in person at Sears.

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