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Online and Offline Security – Are You Protected?

I store almost all of my information online. It’s not all top-secret, but if someone gained access to my information, it would be nothing short of devastating. So I put in some steps to protect myself.

Setting 2-Step Verification

The first is Google’s 2-step verification. It makes me enter a code (that I generate from my iPhone) in order to sign in. So unless my laptop and phone were stolen at the same time, anyone who steals my laptop wouldn’t be able to do much damage in that department. They’d have my music and other files (mostly from my high school and college days), but nothing they could use to steal my identity. And I have everything backed up on my external hard drive.

Setting ‘Find My iPhone’

I love my iPhone. I’m probably definitely a little bit too attached, but I love having my life at my fingertips. Email, Twitter, and Facebook are all just a tap away. However, there are some downsides. In addition to all the fancy features, there are also some drawbacks, such as if I lost my phone or got it stolen, someone else would have access to my email, my bank accounts, and most importantly, my Angry Birds.

While it may seem like I’m vulnerable, I make sure I can be protected should something terrible occur. I take lots of precautions to make sure that any evil culprit won’t have my personal information, even though there’s so much potential for stealing loads of other stuff from me.

First, I set up ‘Find My iPhone.’ This does is it allows me to locate my iPhone online using GPS, lock it remotely, and even wipe the data remotely before the wrong person can use it.

Enhance Your Mobile Security

It’s a good first defense, but all my passwords are saved in there, right? With Google’s 2-step verification, if the villain is smart enough to turn off my Find My iPhone, he still won’t be able to access my Google information. Why? Because I’ll be able to go online and deactivate access to all Google services for that phone. So he’ll need my Google password, which he definitely won’t guess. Plus, I change it regularly enough

All my banking apps need passwords to enter that isn’t saved on the phone, so there are no worries there.

Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about my Angry Birds scores, but if losing that is my worst-case scenario, I think I’m in a pretty good position.

In terms of offline security, I do a bad job. I don’t have a safe at home, and some people, have a self-storage option that can secure the larger things.

Readers, how do you protect yourself online and offline?



  1. I use hard disk encryption so that if someone steals my laptop, it would be pretty hard to get any data from it without some effort.

  2. I had NO idea you did all that stuff…teach me! Protect my information!!

    Ps. You are WAY too attached to your iphone… (scrabble in particular)!!

  3. My smart phone was stolen last week and I wish I had known about Lojack apps then. I just now realized that my Angry Birds scores are gone forever….I had all stars for the first two sets!!! Darn it…

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