My Newest Side Project:

Recently, I started a new side project. This one is much more of a passion project than my side businesses, which I spend time on in hopes of making money from them. This one is quite a bit different, in several ways.


Serious Babies is intended to be purely a fun project that will make people smile. Unless it goes viral, I don’t intend on making money from it, but I would love to create a community where people submit their photos to share with other people looking to laugh.

Seeing babies in serious poses always makes me laugh. Babies in suits and babies making serious faces is in such contrast to how babies usually act that the juxtaposition is just perfect in my mind. So I built a side that hopefully others will enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

Spending Time on

I don’t spend that much time on the site, mostly because I have a lack of resources: babies. We don’t have kids yet ourselves, but our family and friends seem to like the idea and want to be a part of it. In addition to the handful of pictures we have up there now, we are working on other ideas and will take the pictures when everyone has time. The one I’m most looking forward to is one with a baby doing a bench press with a “I heart MOM” tattoo. The idea fits perfectly with the site, and everyone I tell seems like to love that idea.

How Serious Babies Compares To My Side Businesses

Truthfully, this project is a lot of fun because of the subject matter and there’s nothing that I dislike doing for it. I had fun designing the site, taking pictures is a blast, and the enthusiasm from the parents is really great. Everyone wants their kid to be famous, even if that just means 100 views from our group of friends.

Sure, making money from another side business is great, but there are ups and downs with those. The time and effort are sometimes frustrating and too much, and there is no pause button. With Serious Babies, since we don’t have a huge number of pictures in the queue, I can put things on hold for a week or two without anyone noticing or complaining.

But you can bet the farm that when Lauren and I have a kid, we’ll have a ton of fun having him/her pose and dress up for us!

Do you have a passion project that you enjoy spending time on even though it doesn’t make you money?

My Newest Side Project:

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11 thoughts on “My Newest Side Project:

  1. Aww, cute site! Great idea; I love those kinds of pics, too. My husband and I are working on a new website together as well. I guess it’s a cross between a passion project and a bit of community service.

    Aside from the site just being interesting in itself, I’m thinking of it mostly as a way to get some traffic for my PF blog, as it’s on a related topic. We might slap up some Google Adsense but aren’t expecting anything from that.

  2. It’s a very cute idea. I think sites that let people upload photos and write clever sayings on them often go viral…I’m thinking “I Can Haz Cheezburger” cats. That site was a huge viral success. Good luck!

    1. Yah, I think it could catch on, I’d love to get to the point where people submit their own pictures, but it’s kind of hard to make something go viral!

  3. I love this idea! And I guarantee that are a limitless number of cute baby pictures to post. Best of good with it :)

  4. Awww, cute side project!!! Serious baby pictures are seriously adorable. Hope it grows how you would like it to!

  5. Daniel,
    Another year another side income. Good luck and I hope it hits your intended numbers.

  6. Very cool idea! The thing about passion projects is that they can start out as being just for fun, and then sometimes wind up as something more. Hopefully it’s something similar for you!

  7. I think you’re onto a winner with this! If parents agree to their photo being shared, maybe you could create a stock image library with these photos. That way, it probably could go viral.

  8. Lol cute site! And I’m loving the name. You could probably turn it into a wiki or something where you automate the photo submission process.

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