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New Email Subscription Service

I’ve been using Feedburner, a Google Service, to send out my articles to those who subscribe by email. But to be honest, it leaves a lot to be desired. There’s very little customization and it looks very plain. I’d like to improve on this and give readers a product both they and I can be proud of.

So I’ve decided to sign up for a quality service called MailChimp that will let me customize my emails and have them look a little more snazzy and inviting.

What Does This Mean for Us?

If you sign up, you’ll get some cool emails and they won’t look so bland anymore. The content will still be the full articles from the site, it will just come from a dfferent format.

To opt in, simply fill out this form (or the one in the top right corner of the homepage) and you’ll receive an email asking for your confirmation. Click on the link in that email and you’ll be signed up! Once you’re registered, I’ll make sure to remove you from the ‘bland email list’ and you’ll start getting the new ones the next time an article is published!

What if I Don’t Want to Switch?

For those of you who like the current service, there’s no need to take action. You won’t see any difference, but that means that you also won’t see the new format.

What Does This Mean for You?

I can also be confident that I am delivering my content in a way that makes me proud. I don’t want a boring site, and I want my emails to be a little more than just words on a page. This is an easy win that makes everyone happy.

When Does Your Next Article Come Out?

Tomorrow, and it’s a doozy. It’s a response to a popular personal finance blogger arguing why their post is wrong. I think you’ll enjoy the debate.


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