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The Nearly Passive Way I Earn $100+ A Month

How I Passively Earn $100 Per MonthI love finding new ways to earn money. It doesn’t have to be a lot, and I’d prefer 3 ways to earn $100 per month than one way to earn $300 per month. I like diversifying my income streams, so while I have a day job that provides the large majority of my income, this blog and my blog carnival submission service also help me achieve my high savings goals. I recently found a new way to earn a couple hundred dollars a month, and the reason that I’m so excited about it is that it requires barely any work! To cap it off, the “initial investment” amount can sometimes be a negative number, meaning it costs nothing to start, and you can actually make money just getting the tools ready!


How I Earn $100+ Per Month – And How You Can Earn Even More!

Through Reddit, I was introduced to Perk, an application you can install on your phone that displays videos and ads and rewards you with points. It only pays out a few cents per hour per phone, but if you follow along, watch how quickly it can add up.

I don’t use my primary phone for this, rather I bought a phone (no plan required, simply connect to WiFi) specifically designed to run the Perk app. Actually, I bought 4 (so far). I don’t have to pay much attention to it, just reset it every once in awhile or interact with a video or ad. At most, I spend 3 minutes a day on these phones, but most days it’s significantly less, maybe just a minute or two to get the phones optimized for maximum earnings. With 4 phones running, the numbers start to add up. Perk allows each user to have 5 phones, and you are allowed to have multiple accounts per household, so we could potentially get up to 10 phones running Perk.

I tracked my earnings with my phones the past week and I earned about 20,600 points, which translates into $20.60 in Amazon gift cards (I shop there often enough, it’s as good as cash for me). There are lots of other gift card options, but the PayPal option has too many fees that I don’t think it’s worth it. There was one day where I didn’t set the phones to run at all, so it was completely wasted. Typically, I’d expect a bit more, and if I added in a 5th phone (I’ll be doing that soon), I’ll easily earn $100 each month. And if it continues to work as expected, Lauren may get an account of her own.

Sounds Cool, How Do I Get Started?

This is my favorite part. With most businesses or hustles, there are start-up costs that can deter you from starting. But with Perk, you can get phones for free (and sometimes even earn money getting started)! My first phone cost me $20 to buy, but had a promotion that was giving $35 back for the purchase (keep reading for instructions on how you can do this, too), so I actually made $10 on that, too! $10, a free phone plus nearly $1 a day from the phone? Score! I’ll update this page with any deals I find. Right now, is giving $10 just for signing, up, so you can guarantee a profit before you even receive your phone. Simply sign up through one of my links, and we’ll both be rewarded with $10 for our (lack of) effort.

Current Deal:

Once you’ve registered on ($10 credit just for doing so):

  1. Do a search for ‘Boost Mobile’ and you’ll see they are offering $35 cashback for a purchase.
  2. Click the orange buttons until you get to the Boost Mobile homepage.
  3. Search for ‘kyocera hydro pre-owned.’ It should show up as $34.99. That means a free phone to help start your perking!

Next, go to Perk and sign up. Once your phone arrives, connect to your WiFi network, install the Perk app, and you’ll be on your way toward earning $100/month yourself! If you’ve got any questions, drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Happy Perking!



    • Yah, I was surprised to hear that people have been doing this for months or years, I’m just upset I’m so late to the party! But there’s no day like today to start earning some extra money!

    • Well, if you’re going to do this, you probably want phones dedicated to running all day, not running on your main phone. I haven’t heard of these concerns in the past, but there is basically no other activity going on other than using their app, so I don’t think it’s a major concern in this case.

  1. Years ago there was a similar type of service called AllAdvantage. Where you got paid by surfing, etc. Needless to say there quickly were auto-bots to ‘move’ your mouse and randomly click. It was a passive way to make some money as well. I think I made $100 back in the day. :)

    Good idea to buy old phones and keep them isolated. Hate to have your main phone get corrupted or go over bandwidth/minutes for an app like this.

    • Yup, no need to use your main phone to make maybe $1/day. But if you can make money without thinking about it (and buy some extra phones to boost your earning power)? It’s hard to say no to that!

  2. Supper easy and great way to earn an extra income. I’m going to try this thing first on 1 phone and when I see great results, I’m going to buy extra phones and install the app into all of it. I’m now excited to see what’s going to happen. Thanks!

    • That’s how I started, there are tons of places to get cheap (and sometimes, free) phones, which makes it extra worthwhile. I just bought 2 new phones, with another 2 on the way. They should pay for themselves within 2 weeks, and the rest will be profit. Between my wife and me, I’ll have 8 phones running, so I should be able to get around $200/month from them. I just wish I had started earlier!

  3. I like this idea! I’m all about making money on auto-pilot, and with very low start up costs.

    My primary smartphone is my side hustle DJ business number. I will definitely not be using that phone… it’s an old phone, and is slow enough as it is! I sure don’t need any ads running on it! :) lol

    Thank you for sharing the idea.

  4. There are always ways to earn money, just depends if we are willing to put in the time and effort. Thanks for passing it along.

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