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Money Crashers 2010 New Year Giveaway Bash

For those who don’t already know, Money Crashers is giving away over $7,900 in cash and amazing prices in the Money Crashers 2010 New Year Giveaway Bash. You can win cash, gift cards, books, iPods, and even a few Kindles! There’s so much cool stuff up there, so head over, sign up, and start earning entries!

The amount of the prizes keeps increasing as more people contribute, and yesterday I vowed to contribute a $50 Amazon gift card. There are tons of ways to earn entries, including following people on twitter, signing up for their newsletter, and commenting on posts. Read all the rules at the bottom oftheir post, then sign up and you could win!

There are so many prizes, cash giveaways, and books, it’s ridiculous and a lot of people are going to be very happy for an extremely small amount of work. To get 5 extra entries to my $50 gift card, all you have to do is follow me on twitter. Go read all about it and good luck!

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