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Maybe Phone Insurance Would Have Been Worth It…

Standing in at 5 foot 6, weighing a perfect 135 125 pounds, a strong student majoring in Hearing and Speech at the University of Maryland, is Lauren Berger! She has been recruited as a guest blogger because of her amazing insights and experiences with saving money.

My mother is the QUEEN of talking. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “no, you’re wrong, my mother can out-speak your mother any day!” but you’d be wrong, she would probably win an award for longest running filibuster, talking at all hours of the day; anytime and anywhere she can. So it wasn’t at all surprising to me that she was using her phone in the bathroom. What did shock me though, was that, my normally well-coordinated and multi-tasking mother managed to drop her brand new phone into the toilet.

Now you might be asking yourselves, “What does this have to do with personal finance?!” And, normally I would say nothing, but in this case, everything.

After reading that phone insurance is a scam, my family decided to forgo phone insurance because our phones were automatically covered for the first year. However, sadly for us, this first year of insurance does not cover water damage…or more specifically, toilet water damage.

Luckily though, when Daniel heard what happened, he suggested a tip that he heard might work. Stick your soaked phone and battery into a bag filled with rice for about 10 hours. Fortunately for us, we had a giant bag of rice sitting in the pantry just begging to be used, like the sad mop in the Swiffer commercials “baby come back!” sorry anyway:

We removed the battery from the phone, stuck both pieces into a plastic bag, and filled it with white rice. The next morning, my mother went to use her phone and magically, POOF, it was as good as new! Who knew? Rice cures water damage, by soaking up all the fluid! So stop wasting electricity by blow-drying your wet phone or wasting money by buying insurance on your phones and save your pockets and our planet one waterlogged phone at a time.


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